Best Lessons on How to Build Credit

Best Lessons on How to Build Credit

Are you in a crappy financial situation and looking for the best advice on how to build credit? Credit is essentially your ability to purchase or procure goods and services and demonstrates to the vendor that you can be trusted and will pay your debts. Unfortunately, many bad financial decisions can negatively impact your credit score and leave[…]

Financial Impact of Hurricanes

The Financial Impact of Hurricanes

The hurricane season has churned up two devastating hurricanes to date. These hurricanes – Harvey and Irma have resulted in damage to life and finances. The financial impact of hurricanes can easily be overcome over a period of time, but when a life is lost, there is nothing that can be done. These types of disasters remind us[…]

Odd Taxes: How to File Taxes Link Roundup – 04/20

Tax season is here! And for many people, it’s the most dreaded topic in personal finance. If you don’t know how to file taxes, this post is dedicated to you. In the age of technology, filing taxes has become a lot simpler. I remember seeing my parents filling out what looked like hundreds of sheets of paper – adding, subtracting[…]