paying for tuition out of pocket

Paying For Tuition Out of Pocket

I was once faced with the decision of paying for tuition out of pocket or applying for a loan from a financial institution. The university that I wanted to attend gave me the option to pay my tuition per course (payment plan) or pay the full tuition fee. To pay the full tuition fee, I would have had to[…]

the worst places to hide money in your home

The Worst Places to Hide Money in Your Home

When I was younger, I had a neighbor who refused to use financial institutions to save and keep her money safe. Instead, she kept her money outside in her yard in a metal canister hidden in a hole she had dug next to the dog house. Since then, I’ve heard countless stories of people using alternative places to[…]

how to create an emergency fund

Case Study: How to Start an Emergency Fund

The gamut of personal finance blogs have effectively and efficiently analysed the existence of an emergency fund and the benefits of having one. However, there is no one size fits all solution for each and every situation. Rather, the individual should look at his/her situation and create a plan which examines all possibilities. Odd Cents was started in[…]

prepaid mobile data plans

Comparing Prepaid Mobile Data Plans in Barbados

This guide will compare prepaid mobile data plans in Barbados between Digicel* and Flow (at 13 Nov 2015) and provide some adaptable guidelines for comparing mobile data plans in your country. One of the major telecommunications giants in Barbados, recently amended its mobile data plans and has effectively made the prepaid cell phone market more complicated. I’ve been[…]

making the switch to a credit union

Making the Switch to a Credit Union

Making the switch to a credit union, is a step that thousands of people around the world take annually. The credit union is seen as a healthy alternative to the traditional commercial bank because of its positive promotion as a community local bank that belongs to its members. However, before you decide to dump your bank account, you[…]

things to consider when choosing a bank account

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bank Account

With so many banking options available these days, people should be willing to shop around find the best options. It does not matter if you are looking for your first bank account or looking to switch financial institutions, because the process should be same. There are so many things to consider when choosing a bank account, that can[…]

economic citizenship by investment in the caribbean

Economic Citizenship by Investment in the Caribbean

Yet another Caribbean country has turned to an economic citizenship by investment programme to boost a struggling economy riddled with debt, rising financial commitments, and projected low economic growth for the future. St. Lucia has joined St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada as one of the few Caribbean countries that have implemented economic citizen by[…]