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Welcome to Odd Cents! I’m glad to have you as part of my journey to a healthy personal finance life. The mission of this site is to provide you with the best old, present, new and future personal finance trends that you can use for your own personal finances. Odd Cents has been on the personal finance interwebs[…]

how to make a second income

Odd Income: How to Make a Second Income

Extra cash in your pocket each month could have a big impact on your personal finances. If you can make a second income, then its more likely that you will reach your financial goals a bit faster. Extra funds can be used to pay off a credit card debt, boost an emergency fund or increase good ol’ savings. But[…]

Finding your financial soulmate

Odd Love: Finding Your Financial Soulmate

Love is in the air and maybe you’ve already found your financial soulmate. You know what I mean. That person whose financial aspirations and decisions align with yours. The one that you share your deepest money secrets and achievements with. The one that can come to you with any personal finance problem and you are willing to lend an ear.[…]