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Finding your financial soulmate
Personal Finance

Odd Love: Finding Your Financial Soulmate

Love is in the air and maybe you’ve already found your financial soulmate. You know what I mean. That person whose financial aspirations and decisions align with yours. The one that you share your deepest money secrets and achievements with. The one that can come to you with any personal finance problem and you are willing to […]

i don't want to be broke in 2017
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I Don’t Want to Be Broke in 2017

I don’t want to be broke in 2017. And by hook or by crook I will not be broke in 2017. To be brutally honest, 2016 was a year that showed me anything is possible as long as I work for it. The year started off with me busting my butt to pass a project […]

What is Personal Finance - Foodica
Personal Finance

What is Personal Finance?

What is personal finance? Personal finance is the activity or group of activities used by an individual to manage his or her finances. It includes an initial assessment of the current position, identification of goals, creating a strategic plan to achieve these goals, executing the plan to handle one’s personal financial affairs and monitoring the effectiveness […]