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Caribbean Small Businesses To Support Right Now

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Caribbean small business deserve all the support they can get. To show your love, follow them on social media, purchase their products and services, and collaborate with them on projects.

I’ve always loved the idea of owning a business. This love started many years ago when I took an entrepreneurship course at university. I was young, and full of hope and ready to conquer the world. But then I hit a brick wall, when I tried to get funding for an art business and I was shut down. The bad news is that I did not start that art business, but the great news is that I’ve started several other businesses which allowed me to use my art.

Because I’m a supporter of the small businessperson and I appreciate the struggles that may come from being an entrepreneur, I think it’s only right that I use my platform to support Caribbean small businesses. This directory of over 50 Caribbean-based businesses is my way to give back to businesspeople in our region, who deserve success. The fact that they’ve made it this far, is something to be proud of and I will always congratulate them for it.

Those businesses, that have closed due to COVID, a lack of funding or any disastrous circumstance, deserve our respect too. They were able to create products and put them into the Caribbean marketplace. But it also highlights the fact that more needs to be done to assist our Caribbean small businesses who face hardships and need assistance.

Small Business Categories

The small businesses, which usually provide products and/or services, are compiled into various categories and industries. The majority of these were pulled from Instagram posts which encouraged grammers to support small businesses. From my observations, these are the businesses that will ensure that the Caribbean continues its development as one of the most diverse and business friendly regions in the world.

Please see the list of small business categories below:

  1. Art and Craft: Designers, manufacturers, merchandisers, retail shops,
  2. Beauty: Salon and in-home beauty services, hair stylists, nails technicians, waxers, skin care professionals, general aesthetician services
  3. Business Services: Bookkeeping, accounting, consultants, social media managers, tax preparers, public relations professionals, administrative assistants
  4. Construction: Contractors, quantity surveyors, materials suppliers, land surveyors, quantity surveyors, architects, project managers, engineers
  5. Clothing and Accessories: Stores, dressmakers, tailors, manufacturers
  6. Education: Teachers, tutors, lesson creators, instructional designers, subject matter experts
  7. Food and Drink: Restaurants, chefs, food trucks, food suppliers, food service retailers and wholesalers, ice cream shop, bakeries, general food businesses
  8. Gifts: Gifts, gift baskets, gift shops
  9. Health and Exercise: Nutritionists, weight-loss coaches, personal trainers, gyms, meal planners
  10. Home Maintenance: Handymen, housekeepers, landscapers, movers, waste haulers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians
  11. House and Home: Interior designers, interior decorators, home stagers, furniture builders, home décor stores
  12. Internet: App developers, podcasters, SEO consultants, website designers, bloggers, copywriters
  13. Lifestyle: Bookstores, car repairs, bakeries, cafes, florists, aromatherapists, genealogists
  14. Personal Development: Life coaches, motivational speakers
  15. Personal Services: Dry-cleaning, childcare, senior care
  16. Pet Care: Dog groomers, dog trainers, veterinarians, pet shops and pet suppliers, general pet care professionals
  17. Photography: Photographers, videographers, editors
  18. Real Estate: Real estate agents, attorneys, quantity surveyors; home inspectors
  19. Self Care: Massage therapists, physical therapists, general therapists
  20. Sports: Trainers, coaches, sports supplies stores
  21. Tourism and Hospitality: Bed and breakfasts, caterers, event planners, event spaces, travel agents and travel planners

Directory of Caribbean Small Businesses

Selfless support of Caribbean small businesses is an initiative that has spread throughout the Caribbean. As a result there are many blogs and website directories designed to give entrepreneurs and small business ventures a boost. If you’re interested in learning about other small businesses in the Caribbean, please visit the Islepreneur blog.

Art and Craft

There is something magical about Caribbean art and craft, that represents the essence of our talented region. Purchase an authentic piece of Caribbean magic for yourself or a friend.

Black Canvas Studios (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)

The pieces created by St. Vincent & the Grenadines-based visual artist Sharika Sayers are inspired by her Caribbean surroundings. As a result, her diverse portfolio of portrait, landscape, and still-life paintings and drawings captures the nature and bliss of the islands in the Caribbean.

Oldson Jean Louis Art (Haiti)

Oldson Jean Louis’s well curated mix of paintings and drawings are powerful representations of Haiti. The multi-talented artist was born and bred and still resides in Haiti. He accepts commissions for intimate portraits and Caribbean lifestyles in addition to his usual portfolio offerings.


The secret is out, and beauty is a large and growing niche in the Caribbean. Treat yourself to a hair treatment, a skin refresh or wax your bikini line in time for your next beach date.

Cedros Bay (Trinidad & Tobago)

Cedros Bay is a farm to beauty skincare line in Trinidad and Tobago which is a champion for clean beauty. The company’s products which are all natural, vegan and cruelty free and made from 100% coconut oil, were created in an effort to combat skin conditions.

Numad (Grenada)

Numad is a Grenadian company that infuses the world’s best-kept secrets into its products. Its product line includes body butters, sugar scrubs, body mists and natural oils. The company works hard to preserve the environment and also donates a portion of its sales to plant trees globally.

Business Services

Your business deserves a solid chance of surviving in the Caribbean marketplace. Maximise your earning potential with the right mix of business support services.

Virtual Aide Barbados (Barbados)

Virtual Aide Barbados provides a suite of services that are designed to help you work smarter, not harder. The role of the virtual assistant includes can managing core administration tasks. Virtual Aide’s services include blog management, Pinterest management and editorial services.

Web Fx (Trinidad & Tobago)

Web Fx is a creative and innovative agency that understands the needs of its clients and the importance of providing them with exactly what they need. Services include responsive website design, digital strategy development; and curating social media content.


Maintain your peace of mind when constructing your commercial or residential building. Choosing trusted construction professionals and quality products will reduce your stress and result in a beautiful property.

BuildDwell Developers (Barbados)

With a team with over forty-five years of experience in building homes and making dreams come true. Their services include personalised home designs and planning applications; rendering of drawings; construction of commercial and residential properties; and construction estimates.

Level Construction Consulting (Barbados)

Level Construction Consulting is a Barbados-based construction company which was founded by Julian Watson. The company prides itself on fulfilling its clients construction needs. Business offerings include contractor services, project management, property management and design consulting services.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories is a highly sought after, billion dollar industry. Everybody needs clothes and some have stepped up to provide them. This is the time to buy that new dress that you’ve been dreaming of.

Jaye Applewaite (Barbados)

Jaye Applewaite is the self-taught maker behind a gorgeous line of bespoke wedding dresses. The designer, who has a background in civil engineering, uses her eye for detail to create stunning pieces that bring the brides-to-be emotions and visions to life.

Pink Lemonade by Rotchelle Parris (Barbados)

Pink Lemonade is a chic, resort wear clothing line founded by Rotchelle Parris. The line celebrates femininity through its selections of vibrant colours, flattering fabrics and unorthodox patterns. On the site you will find an inspiring look-book which showcases the designer’s versatility.


“A-b-c, listen attentively” is a phrase from a popular Barbadian song. In this category, you will find businesses that will help you to learn something new or refresh your knowledge in a long forgotten subject area.

Bio & Chem Tutoring (Jamaica)

Bio & Chem Tutoring was founded by Dr. Dr. Karla Hylton, a tutor, columnist, motivational speaker, academic coach, and author. The company provides private tutoring for secondary level Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This tutoring prepares students for CSEC, IGCSE and CAPE examinations.

Mr Hunte’s Mathematics Academy (Barbados)

Mr. Hunte is proof that Mathematics does not have to be a struggle. He found Math difficult until a chance meeting with a teacher who used unique methods to teach the concepts. Now, he uses what he’s learnt to tutor students at all levels of Caribbean Mathematics.

Food and Drink

Caribbean people love good food and a cool beverage to pair it with. Give your stomach a beautiful surprise with a delectable meal from some of the most creative food artists in the world.

Whitney’s Kitchen (Jamaica)

Whitney Walcott is a self-taught cook who turned her passion for food into a business. Although her background is in the medical field and she works in finance, Whitney serves up classic Jamaican dishes in the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

Yelluh Meat (Barbados)

Yelluh Meat is the creation of Dwight Forde and Kim Hamblin, who saw a niche to serve a local delicacy that was not available on menus anywhere in Barbados. The company prepares tasty and tantalizing roasted breadfruit bowls with a variety of bases, butters, and toppings.


Who does not love a gift on a special occasion? When you support these Caribbean small businesses in the gift niche, you are ensuring that your friend receives a thoughtful gift and giving a business owner a chance to survive.

Handmade by Kae (Barbados)

A small Barbados-based lifestyle company, Handmade by Kae, features natural, hand-crafted, eco-friendly products. The origins of the company began when Kristle asked her sister Kimberley to teach her how to make soap. The company’s product line has expanded and now includes candles, body oils and gift sets.

Jardin Des Fleurs (St. Lucia)

Located on the island of St. Lucia, Jardin Des Fleurs operates in the heart of the gifting small business niche. The company receives support from a team of nature lovers who understand the features of each flower. Jardin Des Fleurs offers floral arrangements, gift baskets and floral decoration for many occasions.

Health and Exercise

The health and exercise community contains several niches which aim to make you feel good. Sign up for classes, schedule a service and give your body a chance to heal.

Keto Fit 246 (Barbados)

Keto Fitis focused on promoting healthy lifestyles using the keto diet. The co-owned business receives support from a team that includes a competition prep and nutrition coach. This is an online Caribbean business that provides chef prepared meals, baked goods and private consultations.

Salsamology Dance Academy (Trinidad & Tobago)

Founded by Sheldon Harding in 2013 to celebrate a passion for ballroom and Latin dancing, Salsamology is an innovative dance school. The school offers a combination of face-to-face, online and blended classes to teach and elevate the quality of dancing.

Home Décor

If you are outfitting the interior of your home or office, the businesses in this industry will come in handy. Personalise your home and office space with quality products and services.

Dwellings (Barbados)

Since their inception in 2016, Dwellings Barbados has transitioned from a home decor store to a trusted enterprise that is a go-to for stylish home fashions. In addition, the company offers design services such as staging, sourcing and custom product development and corporate services.

Toni Crockett Interior Design (Trinidad & Tobago)

It’s important to create a style that emcompasses the client’s personal influences. This is one of the reasons why Toni Crocket Interior Design is an internationally recognised company. Founded by Rishi and Toni, the Trinidad & Tobago based company caters to residential and commercial clients.

Home Maintenance

A home is a wise investment that should be taken care as it ages. Extend the life-span of your home through home maintenance services that take care of risks before they happen.

ACW All in One Maintenance Services (Barbados)

Since 1999, ACW All in One Maintenance Services has been providing home repair and handyman services in Barbados. By building a business on trust and reliability, the company dedicates itself to attending to your home improvement, repair and upgrade needs.

Premier Waste Management (Jamaica)

With a greater focus on the environment and the encouragement of environmentally-safe practices, Premier Waste Management is a champion for the movement. In addition, the locally owned company specialises in document destruction, wastewater disposal and waste management.


An online presence for all Caribbean entrepreneurs is a valuable asset. Expand the horizons of your business and give your goods and services every opportunity to be seen.

C7 Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago)

Sometimes working with a small team is the ideal way to grow your brand. C7 Caribbean provides that opportunity if you are looking for a sound marketing strategy. Their digital marketing services include branding, content marketing, website design, content marketing and social media marketing. (Barbados)

Since 2004, has been giving Caribbean businesses an internet voice. The company understands the importance of a strong website to the success of any business. That’s why they offer website services such as web development, domain registration, media and graphic design and e-commerce.


The life that we live can be determined by the choices that we make. Take the time to enjoy each and every moment and celebrate the things that you love.

Awesome Caribbean Weddings (St. Lucia)

Awesome Caribbean Weddings is a wedding planning company in St. Lucia. Its roots were planted in 1999 and since then they have given brides and grooms the ideal start to their lives together. The company handles all aspects of the wedding planning process from venues, to accessories to catering.

Days Bookstore (Barbados)

Days Bookstore is one of those Caribbean small businesses that has shown its committment to educational and professional development. The company, which has won several awards, has embraced technology with the launch of a full-service website and ordering system.

Personal Development

Finding your place in the world, could be as simple as being clear about what you want in life. Embrace your talents and take steps to live the life that you deserve.

The Potter Center (Barbados)

The Potter Center’s role in the personal development niche is an important one that because it aims to make people better. It caters to individuals and companies with a team that has a vision of success in mind. Some of their services include life coaching, team building and strategic planning.

Your Life Purpose (Trinidad & Tobago)

Anthony Hadeed is the CEO and head Leadership, Career and Life Coach of Your Life Purpose. His vision and desire to help people discover their true purpose and potential, is one of the principles of Your Life Purpose. The business offers services to individuals and companies.

Personal Services

Personal services are those things that make life a little easier to manage. You may not see a physical product, but you will benefit with the results of these services. 

Future Leaders Care and Learning Centre (Jamaica)

Future Leaders Care and Learning Centre appreciates the importance of early childhood education to each and every child. That’s why they encourage early learning and social skills as well as childhood play and exploration. In addition to a nursery and pre-school the business offers after-school programmes.

Safe and Sound Pre-School (Barbados)

Safe and Sound Pre-School is a private nursery/daycare and preschool which caters to children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. Their goal is to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning and exploration in children and provide them with creative and meaningful learning activities.

Pet Care

They do not look like us and they communicate their feelings in unique ways. But they’re full of love and not afraid to show it. Return this love and show your pet how much you care.

Pawsome Pets Guyana (Guyana)

Pawsome Pets Guyana has been putting smiles on pets and their parents’ faces since 2008. It is the brainchild of Luana Pierre, who has worked with animals all her life and her veterinarian husband. The full service pet service company offers grooming, vaccinations and micro-chipping.

Ruff Cutts Barbados (Barbados)

Ruff Cutts is a mobile dog grooming company that caters to all dog breeds. Founded by Amanda Ramsay in 2008, the company is committed to giving dogs the spa treatment by bathing them, cleaning their ears, shaving and styling their fur; and trimming and clipping their nails.


It’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But depending on the photographer, the beauty is in what the photographer can show you.

Alain’s Photo Reel (Barbados)

Sometimes the most beautiful things are right under your eyes. Alain’s Photo Reel is an inspiring showcase of how life does not have to look the same way everyday. Alain Pilgrim is the vision behind this creative photography business. His love for the art and passion for teaching is evident with the launch of the Smart Clicks Mobile Club.

Chin Photographics (Jamaica)

Osbourne Chin is a Jamaican photographer and videographer. Although he has over 10 ten years’ experience in the photography business, Osborne shifted to the field from sustainable tourism and geography. Visit his portfolio to see how he captures personal moments and emotions.

Real Estate

Finding the right property can be a challenge, especially if you do not know where to begin. By working with a trusted real estate agent, you can make your property hunting experience a pleasant one.

J. Bailey Realty (Barbados)

There are hundreds of real estate agents in Barbados, but there’s only one that’s right for you. J. Bailey Realty stands by its personal and professional service to all customers who looking to buy, sell, rent or lease. Visit the J. Bailey Realty website to search for your dream property in Barbados.

St. Kitts Realty (St. Kitts & Nevis)

Ricky Pereira, owns and operates St. Kitts Realty, which has been operating since 1994. He has a love for architecture and design which complement his knowledge of real estate in St. Kitts and Nevis. Visit the St. Kitts Realty website and get your slice of paradise.

Self Care

Self care is one of those things that is very easy to overlook. However, with all that our bodies go through – mentally, physically and spiritually – it’s only right that we treat and pamper it from time to time. 

Spice Isle Retreat (Grenada)

A head to toe treatment is always a treat for the mind and body. Michelle Phillip, owner of Spice Isle Retreat caters to the needs of a very diverse client base. By partnering with internationally licenses stylists and therapists, the business provides exquisite hair, beauty and spa services.

The St.Lucia Feng Shui Day Spa (St. Lucia)

When your body cries out for, you have to listen and respond effectively. The St. Lucia Feng Shui Day Spa uses specific techniques to relieve the trials of daily life. Return to your center with one their treatments which includes deep tissue, aromatherapy and stress relief massages.


Sports and sporting activities are worthy representatives of the health, fitness and wellness ecosystem. Enjoy the outdoors and stretch your body with the best clothing and equipment.

Caribbean Dive Trading (Bonaire)

It’s the rhythm that keeps the surf shops in Bonaire and the Caribbean going. Caribbean Dive Trading is a scuba diving equipment and accessories dealer which supplies surf shops. It carries the top surfing brands such as ScubaPro, OCEAN REEF, Cressi, Sherwood, and Underwater Kinetics.

Trident Sports Limited (Barbados)

Cricket is one the Caribbean’s popular sports, and Trident Sports Limited has taken that to business. Launched in 2009, the company saw that there was a need for a reputable supplier of quality cricket accessories. The business supplies cricketing equipment, clothing and branded customized teamwear.

Tourism and Hospitality

Travel and tourism is one of the most popular business niches in the Caribbean. Many businesses cater to the needs of visitors who are looking for unique island experiences.

Endless Caribbean (Barbados)

Endless Caribbean is a Barbados-based travel blog that celebrates all aspects of Caribbean and tourism travel. The site provides the latest Caribbean travel news, detailed itineraries that cater to unique niches and free travel guides that provide basic information on Caribbean destinations.

Mandoo Tours (Grenada)

Mandoo Tours is a Grenadian-owned and operated tour company that has been sharing the beauty of the island for over twenty years. The company was founded by Mandoo, who is an advocate for the preservation of Grenada’s national heritage and he works with the Grenada Tourism Board to educate students.

The beauty of this list of Caribbean small businesses is that it will receive updates as time goes by. Therefore, if you know of a Caribbean-based business that deserves to be on the list, leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram. Share the name of the business, the category they operate in, and a link to their website or the name for their preferred social media account.

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