Debt Management

Good debt management practices are essential to how you cope with debt. Stay updated with our debt management guide, which provides practical advice on budgeting, borrowing, cutting costs and how you can manage your debt.

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Debt Management

Best Lessons on How to Build Credit

Are you in a crappy financial situation and looking for the best advice on how to build credit? Credit is essentially your ability to purchase or procure goods and services and demonstrates to the vendor that you can be trusted and will pay your debts. Unfortunately, many bad financial decisions can negatively impact your credit […]

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Debt Management

Top 40 Personal Finance Tools and Calculators

Personally, I think it’s hard to find effective financial tools and calculators. On a random day when I find myself wanting to calculate something and I have to search so many websites to find the right tool. One day I decided to just sit down and create a long list of personal finance tools and […]

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Case Study: How to Start an Emergency Fund

The gamut of personal finance blogs have effectively and efficiently analysed the existence of an emergency fund and the benefits of having one. However, there is no one size fits all solution for each and every situation. Rather, the individual should look at his/her situation and create a plan which examines all possibilities. Odd Cents […]

Debt Management

The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt

The difference between good debt and bad debt can be quite small at times. So small, that we often get confused about what should be classified as good debt and bad debt. Unfortunately for me, I used to think that all debt was bad debt. But then when I started blogging, that view changed considerably. […]

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Debt Management

I Want to Be Debt Free But…

I want to be debt free. But sad to say, I can’t be unless I win the lottery. Many of my goals and dreams require that I have some form of debt or a boatload of funds. There are some people who would have worked for many years, saved every dime and bought major purchases […]