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Vegetarian Recipe - Curried Veg Burgers - Foodica

Vegetarian Recipe – Curried Veg Burgers

Vegetarian recipes can sometimes evoke feelings of boredom and tasteless food. But I assure you, there are some vegetarian dishes that are fabulous. Curried veg burgers fall into this category and they are very tasty. I found this dish in a book called Vegetarian Cooking by Carole Handslip which was […]

Four Reasons Why I Love The Library - Foodica

Four Reasons Why I Love The Library

The library is one of my favourite places in the world. You see, I love to read. Give me a good novel or magazine and I can sit quietly for hours just reading. Here are four reasons why I love the library. 1. It’s free. That is a huge plus […]

Odd Cents - Welcome to Odd Cents

Welcome to Odd Cents

This is the official “first post” of my blog Odd Cents. Odd Cents is a personal finance blog for people who are looking for ways to save, invest and spend their dollars and cents responsibly. It is not intended to tell you what to do or what not to do […]