Odd Cents - How Can I Really Enjoy Spending Money_

How Can I Really Enjoy Spending Money?

Do you enjoy spending money? This was something that I struggled with at various points in my life. But ever since COVID-19 started and I made the shift to work from home, I’ve been spending less on some of my budget categories. I don’t go anywhere, so I have saved money on gas and my […]


Why You Should Pay Your Bills On Time

Make a note of your bills and when they are due, so that they can get paid on time. I know a couple people who like to pay their bills on the day before or the same day they are due. I’ve done this before, but it was because I forgot about the bill. One […]

Odd Cents - Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas - Foodica

Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I know that people will be going all out with chocolates, teddy bears and roses. The red and white is already making me feel nauseous, but I’ll put that behind me as I write this post. I’m not a Scrooge, but I think that you should be showing your […]

Odd Cents - The Reason Why We Make Money is To Spend It - Foodica

The Reason Why We Make Money is To Spend It

I was watching an episode of Property Virgins on HGTV, and this particular couple was looking to buy a home. I can’t remember what their initial budget was, but the husband was willing to max out the budget, whilst the wife was more comfortable with staying way under it. The husband in reinforcing his point […]

What Are My Chances of Winning The Lottery_ - Foodica

What Are My Chances of Winning The Lottery?

On Friday I bought a lotto ticket and as usual, I did not win. It was a spur of the moment, hope upon hope, wish upon a star moment where for a fleeting second I knew for a fact that I was buying the winning ticket. I’ve read about people buying a ticket out of […]

Odd Cents - How Advertising Affects Our Spending Habits - Foodica

How Advertising Affects Our Spending Habits

Shoes, clothes, hair, nails, accessories, make-up, flashy cars, jewellery, latest gadgets. It’s no wonder so many people are broke. These are the things that are thrown at our senses whenever we hit the Internet, watch TV, listen to the radio or use any other medium where ads are abundant. And this is exactly how advertising […]

Odd Cents - How to Stop Wasting Money - Foodica

How to Stop Wasting Money

From the time I was small I’ve been hearing comments like “He’s always wasting money” or “She loves to waste money”. Now that I’m older, I know what those comments meant. Wasting money is something that varies from person to person and one person’s waste could mean another person’s gain. We often waste money by: […]

How Much to Tip- Foodica

How Much To Tip?

How much to tip? It depends. I’m not a fan of tipping, but I will admit that I have tipped more than once. But when I do, it does not go over five dollars unless it was an exceptional meal with excellent service. I’m not a fan because I believe that when I pay for […]