If you pay utilities, then you understand how easy it is for prices to fluctuate. This is because, in recent times, there has been an increase in the number of utility service providers, which has caused changes in prices and quality of service. The utilities guide will show you how to get the most from your telecom, electricity, water, gas and television utility supplier, whilst managing your usage and cutting costs.

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How to Compare Cell Phone Plans and Prices

Cell phone plans and prices have changed drastically over the last few years. With the advancement of mobile technology and on-the-go internet, mobile service providers have been on their toes. These days it’s relatively easy to compare their rates and to assess who provides the best value for money. At times, they can be on […]

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Energy Savings Guide

The Energy Savings Guide shows consumers how to save money on their energy costs. Barbados has seen increased interest and investment in the energy sector with special focus on renewable energy technologies. The use of solar power and wind power to generate electricity has joined the very well developed solar water heating market, which benefits the […]

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Landline and Broadband Deals in Barbados

Is it possible to find cheap landline and broadband deals in Barbados? Anything is possible. You might not be able to determine which landline and broadband provider is the cheapest, however, you can find a way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your money. This Landline and Broadband Deals guide […]


Saving Money: How to Reduce the Electricity Bill

A few years ago (maybe the late 80s or early 90s), there was an ad on television which showed viewers how to reduce the electricity bill by performing a refrigerator door seal test. The ad featured someone placing a two dollar bill between the seals of the fridge and the fridge door. If the bill […]

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Comparing Prepaid Mobile Data Plans in Barbados

This guide will compare prepaid mobile data plans in Barbados between Digicel* and Flow (at 13 Nov 2015) and provide some adaptable guidelines for comparing mobile data plans in your country. One of the major telecommunications giants in Barbados, recently amended its mobile data plans and has effectively made the prepaid cell phone market more […]

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Could You Survive Without a Cell Phone?

I think that I could definitely survive without a cell phone. To be honest, I rarely use my cell phone. Some days it does not even ring and I often forget that I have it with me. It has reached the point where I have forgotten my phone on my desk at work, and I […]

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Five Ways to Trim Your Electricity Bill

Lately it seems that the electricity bill has been rising at a ridiculous rate. There are so many reasons for this – it’s summer and the fans and A/C units are cranking, fuel charges might be high etc. But the truth is that you’re annoyed that the bill is that high. Paying more towards electricity […]