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Favourite Posts of the Week – Yakezie Blog Swap Edition – 22 Jan 2012

For this week’s favourite posts, I’m happy to introduce the participants of the latest Yakezie Blog Swap. If you had not heard, Yakezie is the Oprah of personal finance blogs and bloggers. It’s more than just a forum – it’s a support group made up of family members all with the purpose of helping each other.

This is the first swap that I ever participated in and I’m must say, that it was a great experience. My partner was Dean from The Millionaire Nurse, and he was great. He did not treat me like a novice who knew absolutely nothing about blogging.  (Thanks Dean) I’m still new to the blogging world, and I will admit that when I went to his blog, I was nervous. His blog is very well established with an amazing Alexa ranking and the content is of a very high quality.

The topic for the Yakezie blog swap was How to Raise a Millionaire – Developing Your Child’s Entrepreneurial Aptitude. Here is a list of the participants’ articles on their partners’ blogs.

  1. Kevin of Debt Eye at Fiscal Phoenix
  2. DJ Wetzel of Money For College Project at Dog Ate My Wallet
  3. Eric of Narrow Bridge Finance at Sustainable Life Blog
  4. Marissa of Thirty Six Months at Money Q&A
  5. Dean of The Millionaire Nurse at Odd Cents
  6. Matt of Rambling Fever Money at 101 Centavos
  7. Hank of Money Q&A at Thirty Six Months
  8. Andrew of 101Centavos at Rambling Fever Money
  9. Shanendoah of Dog Ate My Wallet at Money For College Project
  10. Melissa of Fiscal Phoenix at Debt Eye
  11. Jeff of Sustainable Life Blog at Narrow Bridge Finance

Happy happy reading!