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Five Online Sources For Jobs in the Caribbean

Although it is slow in coming, the Caribbean is becoming more and more internet savvy. I love the internet and it’s my first stop when I want to find information. When I’m looking for a telephone number, I go the Barbados yellow pages instead of looking through the telephone phone book. I think the convenience of having everything right at your finger tips is what makes the internet so cool.

Job hunting has become a lot easier too. Instead of waiting for the newspaper to flip through for jobs, many people hit the internet. It’s not as popular as in the United States or Europe, but internet job hunting is slowly becoming more and more common place.

There are a few online sources which have proven to be very helpful when searching for jobs. From personal experience and hearing from friends, I’ve compiled a list of five websites where we in the Caribbean can look for jobs and other employment opportunities.

1. Caribbean Jobs – This online site provides job vacancies for over fifteen Caribbean islands. It gives an option to create an account, so that you can apply for jobs through the site. There is a useful career centre which gives tips on creating resumes, cover letters and general interview tips.

2. Caribbean Jobs Online – I was able to search for jobs in the Caribbean and view all of the pertinent details. The site also offers career advice and the opportunity to sign up to receive job notices by email.

3. Job In The Sun – I’m not sure how often this site is updated, but it lists a few job vacancies in the Caribbean. You can view the general details of the vacancies, but specifics such as the name of the company and the job description are only available after you sign up. (***Dec 2018 Update: Site no longer available***)

4. Tropic Jobs – This site seemed to be a good one for jobs in Caribbean, but it was not what I expected. It had very few jobs located in the Caribbean and the selection was poor. (***Dec 2018 Update: Site no longer available***)

5. Work In The Caribbean – This site has a good range of job listings particularly in the Business Services in the Caribbean. However, to see details, you have to create an account. But, the salary range and location are listed when you click on a particular job. (***Dec 2018 Update: Site no longer available***)