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How To Create a Work Wardrobe on a Budget (Ladies’ Edition)

Working in the corporate business world sometimes requires a specific dress code. But if you’ve just graduated from university or college, your funds might be limited, so splurging on lots of outfits might not be financially possible. However, you should not skimp on your attire because your appearance portrays your image to your employers and colleagues.

Years ago, a work colleague of mine was commenting on how a young lady from another company was dressed for work. My friend said that when you’re going into an office environment, there are some  basic pieces that you should have. To create a work wardrobe or a capsule wardrobe on a budget, you should focus on acquiring the following items:

  • Black skirt – This should not be too tight or too short. I would prefer a slim fit skirt (e.g. a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt) instead of a full, flirty skirt.
  • Black slacks – These should not be tight. The slacks should be a full length slacks and not a capri, pedal pusher or any other type of shorter length slacks.
  • Black jacket or blazer – Make sure that your jacket fits you properly. It should not be tight in the arms or so short that it can not cover your waistline.
  • Three career blouses (white, blue, grey) – These should also fit well.
  • Three tank tops or camisoles (white, red, green) – These can be strapped, because they will only be worn underneath your jacket.
  • Pair of black shoes – When choosing shoes, you might have to overlook style for comfort. It’s not a cool feeling wearing shoes that are uncomfortable and you have to take them off every two minutes.
  • Black bag – Your bag should be big enough to carry the essentials, but small enough that it still looks neat.

There are so many possible combinations with these options to create a work wardrobe! For example:

  • Monday – black skirt, black jacket, white tank
  • Tuesday – black slacks, blue blouse
  • Wednesday – black slacks, black jacket, red tank
  • Thursday – black skirt, grey  blouse
  • Friday – black slacks, white blouse

The best part about these outfits is that you can accessorise with a variety of silver and gold jewellery. For work, I prefer smaller hoops, studs and some drop earrings. A nice watch, a bracelet, a bangle or two and rings can also add to your outfit.

Image Credit: WOC in Tech