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How to Double Your Money By Working Two Jobs

Working two jobs is not an easy feat, but sometimes it’s necessary when you need more money in your hand. This was my situation a few years ago when I was on the hunt for a second job. At the time, I was looking to purchase some property and I wanted to increase my savings and by extension, funds for a down payment. I was able to find some short lived stints but it was brutal and I found it hard to balance working two jobs at once.

But if I could find a second job now that fits into my life. I would take it. However, I know that whatever I choose to get into, I would have to be qualified enough to make it worth my time. If you are looking to double your money by working two jobs, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind as you search. 

1. Get Certified

If you are looking for a second job, chances are that it’s in a field that you have some skills in. The more skilled you are, the more opportunities will be eligible for and can apply for. If you already possess the certifications that are required for your job, you can opt to look for jobs that specifically require them.

2. Find an Effective Schedule

Time can be the deal breaker which will determine if you can work two jobs. If you have a regular nine to five, it means that your second job will take up the remaining hours. However, you must be realistic, especially if you have children and other family members to take care of. Remember, sleep should not be an afterthought.

3. Choose a Good Job

Finding a second job that pays well in relation to the hours works can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Although you may be tempted to stick to minimum wage jobs, you can extend your search to jobs that pay you more per hour and those that provide opportunities to get tips. The trick is to find a job that makes taking on the extra load worth it.

4. Cut Back on Your Spending

If you’re spending less and earning more, you will win. Even though working two jobs may require that you spend more on some expenses (such as gas or transportation fares), you can counteract that. Look for ways to cut back on everyday items such as making your lunch and other meals;, reducing electricity and other utilities usage and shopping around for the best deals.

5. Use Your Extra Money Wisely

Easier said than done, right? The trick is to make a smart plan for your pay cheque from your new job, even before you get paid. This money should not be used on everyday items, instead it should be put to work. If you are working two jobs, at least try to use some of that money to achieve your goals and get ahead.

If you have decided that working two jobs is for you, go for it. Just make sure that your main job does not have any restrictions or limitations on what you can or cannot do – for example, you may be prohibited from working for competitors. Also, you should consider the impact that this job may have on your “you” time, which can include anything from eating regularly, running errands or taking vacation.