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I Save Two Dollar Bills

I save two dollar bills.

Yes, I save every two dollar bill that passes my way. Whenever I make a purchase and I receive a two dollar bill as change, I tuck it away in a little corner of my purse. When I get home, I put it with my stash of two dollar bills. At the end of the year, I invest all of them.

I got the idea back in 2007, from a friend of mine who used to save all of his five dollar bills. I thought it was a great idea and I tried saving five dollar bills. But for some reason, I found that it was difficult for me to do that. So I decided to try two dollar bills and I’ve been saving them ever since.

The first year I started, I saved over one hundred two dollar bills which equated to over two hundred dollars! I took that money and opened a small investment account. To this day, I still add all of my two dollar bills to that account.

I must admit that my two dollar bills saving has dropped because of my new spending tactics, but whenever I get a two dollar bill, I still tuck it into that corner of my purse. And, if someone has a bunch of two dollar bills, I exchange larger bills for them.

Give it a try. Join the Odd Cents Dollar Bill Challenge today! Tell your children, your family, friends and coworkers and get them started!