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Wanted: Ideas to Create More Jobs

The challenge lies not in the quest for ideas, but the means to make the ideas successful.

I found an article written by Henry Unger entitled Wanted: Ideas to Create More Jobs in Georgia in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It is an old article, but seems that in the more than two years since it was written, nothing has changed. It seems that now, more than ever, there is  huge need for ideas to create more jobs.

The idea to create more jobs does not lie solely with the government or any other regulatory bodies. Individuals should try to dip their toes into entrepreneurship. Everybody can not and will not be an entrepreneur, but there is always room for someone with a great idea.

Ideas to Create More Jobs

The challenge, as highlighted in the article, is often centered around funding. Like I was telling a neighbour a couple days ago, I have the ideas, but no money to follow through. I guess I have to find some ideas that require little investment, but can become profitable.

Programmes like the Skills Training Programme in Barbados and the Georgia Works programme ( highlighted in Mr. Unger’s article) are meant to give people the hands on experience that they need. How successful are they? I don’t have a clue, but based on what they are intended to do, I should think that they are fulfilling their purpose.

Short courses which offer hands on education and practice are popular here in the Caribbean. Many people have launched catering, landscaping, soft furnishings, electrical and plumbing businesses based on what they learned in a three month course.

So when I saw that heading about a call for ideas to create more jobs, I thought about all of the ideas that I have and the stumbling block of no funds. I think that the ideas are there, but the challenge is to find a way to take those ideas and turn them into successful businesses with little or no money. Possible? Yes. Easy? No.