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Motivational Quotes for Inspiration During a Financial Crisis

One of my coping mechanisms for difficult times is motivational quotes. I follow several popular motivational accounts on Instagram and I am always pinning thoughtful words on Pinterest. This is one of the toughest periods that I have ever gone through both mentally and physically. These quotes help me to stay grounded and focused, at a time when it’s so easy to be lost and depressed.

I wanted to share some of the inspirational quotes that I came across in the last few weeks since this world crisis started. I am hesitant to mention the name of the crisis, because I would really like to put it behind us and move on. The fact that it’s lingering so long and inflicting so much fear and uncertainty makes it even more painful. The unknown unknowns are downright scary and we don’t know what’s going to happen next.

For a few minutes, it would be nice to just see something beautiful in the midst of so much turmoil. I hope that these motivational quotes will bring a ray of sunshine to your heart as you battle the impacts of the invisible monster.

1. Financially Clean

“Take this time you now have to invest in yourself and seek new opportunities. Network and connect with people that in normal times you may not speak with. Learn new skills via online resources.”

2. The Finance Lounge

“Let’s be practical. Your money is going to be low during this time so we’re going to focus on the essentials. It’s a day by day process guys.”

3. Business Blurb

If you don’t act, you’ll never succeed. Everything is only an idea until someone does something about it – don’t waste time talking about all of the things you want to accomplish. Get up and accomplish them.

4. Leslie Koh

“Instead of focusing on the virus, let’s push ourselves to try something new, rest well, do good and have fun while we work from home.”

5. Unknown Author

“This season is making us think outside the norm and be innovative. After all, we were born with the knowledge inside us – we just have to stretch the brain.”

6. Fortress Fund Managers

“Resilience is an important life skill to keep you from getting stuck. As tough as this hard situation is, avoid letting it put a pause on your life and goals!”

7. Enhance My Finances

“Since the Coronavirus crisis, I’ve realized that I’m not in a place financially as I want to be. If I was one of the many that was unable to shift my work online, I would be deep in the red. So, after feeling a pit in my stomach and sorry for myself for a few weeks, I’ve decided to take this bad situation and use it to better myself.”

8. Financial Lituation

“Don’t fall into the hype of keeping busy when the truth is you simply need a break. ⁣Before the crisis hit, you were always on the go taking care of everyone else including your employer. ⁣This is the time for some of you to be “on the slow,” – slow your ass down and breathe.”

9. OC Financial Coaching

“Control the controllables. Do what you can, get on a budget and stay positive. Attitude is everything right now.”

10. Quarter Life Success

“In times of financial crisis, like the one we are facing today, it is important that we are diligent about our money.”⠀

Stay close to your loved ones at this time and reach out to them if you ever feel like it’s a bit too much. If that’s not possible, send me a DM on Instagram and I will respond to you.