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Five Easy Ways to Save Money - Foodica
Saving and Investing

Five Easy Ways to Save Money

There are so many ways to save money and to cut back on spending. It’s an exercise that can really make you re-think your spending habits. When I decided to revamp my spending habits, it was not easy. It is a very hard process that calls for dedication and focus […]

How To Track Your Finances Using A Budget - Foodica

How To Track Your Finances Using A Budget

Many people hear the word “budget” and their minds immediately go to what the leader of a country or an organisation does periodically to see where money will be spent. To be honest, when I think of the word “budget”, I think of my little excel document that details how […]

Is Being “Frugal” a Bad Thing_ - Foodica
Saving and Investing

Is Being “Frugal” a Bad Thing?

I’ve been called “cheap” by many people and for some reason I never get offended. In the Caribbean “cheap”, which also means frugal, is a term used to describe people who do not like to spend money or overspend on items. When I’m described as “cheap”, I usually smile and […]

Welcome to Odd Cents - Foodica
Personal Finance

Welcome to Odd Cents

This is the official “first post” of my blog Odd Cents. Odd Cents is a personal finance blog for people who are looking for ways to save, invest and spend their dollars and cents responsibly. It is not intended to tell you what to do or what not to do […]