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Paying for Crappy Service Sucks

If you’ve never had bad customer service from a goods or service provider, I envy you. In fact, I would like you to tell me which service providers you use and the specific names of the people that help you. I need those people in my life! It’s not fair that you receive bad service. In my humble opinion, paying for crappy service sucks.

A Facebook friend/ former school colleague along with lots of other people are beyond upset with a particular service provider (cable television company) in Barbados. My friend details her experiences in a post on Facebook and truth be told, I share her annoyance.

She’s paying for a service, only to be told that a portion of this service is unavailable. However, to compensate for that, the service provider is giving customers another “version” of the service. The problem is that the other “version” of the service pales in comparison to the original service that was taken away.

To make matters worse, my friend called the service provider to voice her concerns. She spoke with a person who works in the office (they might dare call her a Customer Service Representative) who gave her a first name, stupsed and hung up the phone when asked for her last name. A call back a little while later revealed that there was no one by that name working in the office. So the name given was a fake.

Here is my take on it. If you work in customer service and you don’t like dealing with customers, find another job. If you can’t find another job, do your job to the best of your ability and live up to your job’s expectations – serve your customers properly. And if you own a company that is offering a service to people, you should make sure that your customers are treated with respect. Hire the right people!

I’m a customer and bad customer service is something seems to be the norm. But as a customer, I have to be smart to make sure that I’m getting the best value for money. My value for money includes the product or service that I’m purchasing as well as the service that I receive before, during and after the said purchase. If I’m annoyed, with the crappy service, you can be sure that I will contact you (telephone, email, contact form, snail mail); and let you know that how and why.

For most things, we have options. I’m a customer and I get that. To that person that dealt with my friend, why can’t you get it? Don’t you understand that it’s a cycle? Customer pays for service. Money paid for service pays you. If enough annoyed customers do not want the service, you will not be needed anymore. It’s not that difficult.