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Reddit Personal Finance: Goldmine of Personal Finance Q & A

A few weeks ago, I found myself going through the Reddit Personal Finance goldmine. I call it a goldmine because it’s been a rough couple of months and I had lots of personal finance questions that I needed answers to. When life happens, everything that you had figured out gets thrown out and you’re somehow back at square one.

I’m in the process of making a major purchase/ decision/ life move and I’m not sure what’s the best approach. Enter: Reddit Personal Finance. In addition to finding answers to my questions, I happened upon other things and situations that I’ve been in.

These are some of my favourite Reddit Personal Finance posts of the week:

1. You Will Not Get a Big Raise at Your Current Job

This is the absolute truth.

2. Building a House on $28,000 a Year

Very good read with excellent suggestions.

3. I Hate My Job – But Voluntary Layoff Might be an Option

I wish that this was an option for several of my previous jobs.

4. Marriage: 2 Bank Accounts or 1?

This is for the couples out there. Have you had this conversation yet?

5. Why MLM Companies Might Not Be Worth It

These companies have been around for years, but I’ve never heard about anyone who’s struck it big.

6. My 17 Y.O Thinks He’s Ready to Live With His Girlfriend

A concerned parent needs help explaining the concept of money to a teen.

7. I’ve Spent More on Maintenance, than What I Spent to Purchase a Car

Yikes! This is a tough one. You need a car, but you can’t afford to buy a new one.

8. My Dad Owes the Government and they Want it Now

The government does not play.

9. Can’t Afford Medical Insurance

Does this sound like you? Maybe there’s a solution here that can help.

10. Should I Buy a House or Pay Rent?

The age old question that has baffled the world for years. If you look through Reddit Personal Finance posts, you will find this question many times over with different scenarios.

11. Had Bank Account Drained

Identity theft is real. Protect yourself.

12. I Have $75,000 to Invest for Retirement

This is an excellent problem.

13. Psychology: Why the Urge to Spend Money I Save?

Has this ever happened to you? Is it mind over money?

14. In Need of a Solution for Overwhelming Debt

In this scenario, the redditor is faced with mounting debt.

15. How Did Credit Card Detect Fraudulent Charges on My Card?

When computer algorithms are your best friend.

16. I Got laid Off Today. What Should I Do Next?

A very real situation for millions of people.

17. I’m Broke and Owe Tons of Money

So many of us have been in this boat.

18. I Used Reddit Personal Finance to Budget and Save

Didn’t I tell you that this forum is a goldmine for personal finance advice? There is proof in the posts.

19. About to Lose Everything

What do you do when everything is going against you?

20. $28k in Credit Card Debt

Looking for a way to become debt free and free from the credit card trap.

Did you file your taxes on time? I did, and it was not quite what I expected.