What are some of the resources that I recommend?

At some point in time, we all need a little help with getting our financial business on the right track. This page is dedicated to all of the products, services and companies that can make your journey a lot easier.

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links below, which may or may not provide me with a small commission, if you end up opening an account with the service provider. You are not obligated to click on the links or purchase any of the items recommended.

Business and Finance

There are lots of resources that offer helpful information in business and finance. In the Caribbean, we have a range of institutions and organisations that offer helpful insights to local, regional and international happenings.


Caribbean Dev Trends

Central Banks

Barbados: Central Bank of Barbados

Eastern Caribbean: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Guyana: Bank of Guyana

Jamaica:  Bank of Jamaica

Trinidad and Tobago: Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Personal Finance

Sometimes taking action is the best way to organize your personal finances. There are several tools available which can help you to take control.  Here are a few tools that I’ve used and recommend that can help to put things into perspective.

Debt Payoff Calculators

The Simple Dollar Debt Calculator – Helps you to create a smart, actionable debt payoff plan.


The Transformation Blueprint* – A book for women looking to take control of their life and plan for the future.

Grow Your Savings *– Teaching you how to save money and spend less.

My Money and Me*– Change the way you view and manage your money

Loan Calculators

Scotiabank Barbados has a useful affordability calculator that I love to use.

RBC Royal Bank Caribbean has a handy loan installment calculator.

First Citizens Barbados’ mortgage calculator lets you estimate your monthly mortgage payments.

City of Bridgetown Credit Union’s loan calculator is tailored to its products, but it’s still effective for informational purposes.

Money Management

Mint helps you to manage your personal finances and manage your money.

Ready For Zero promises to help you to “take control of your financial life”.

The Budget Mama helps you to Build a Budget That Works*.

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

There are lots of free resources available for prospective and current small business owners. I found lots of helpful information on the following sites:

Accounting Software

FreshBooks – Cloud accounting software that lets you keep your business accounting organized.

Blogs and Websites

Entrepreneur – Excellent site for established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

U.S. Small Business Administration – A great place to start to look for information about starting a business.

Quora – An amazing question and answer site, where experts answer your finance related questions.

Business Templates

Zions Bank – Tools to build and grow your business including business plan templates and financial statements templates.


How I Make Money Blogging* – If you are thinking about taking the dive into blogging and making money from websites, this is the perfect introduction.

Each business should have a website because it’s a constant connection to potential customers. You can showcase your products and services all day every day in a virtual environment for a very small price. In my case, finding the right website themes, logos, photos, plugins and hosting companies were all necessary to ensuring that I launched this website the right way. Here are a few of the products and services that I have used.


Godaddy – I have purchased all of my domains from Godaddy. I bought the majority of the domains with coupon codes and received massive discounts. Unfortunately, domain renewal discounts are a lot smaller than new domain purchase discounts.


Canva – The fairy god mother of all website and social media images.

Visme – I have used Visme to create article images, presentations and marketing materials.

PicMonkey – Awesome site that allows you to edit and create unique images.

Piktochart – They have affordable packages, so that you can create your own posters, reports, presentations and marketing materials.

Website Themes

For this blog, I currently use Fashionistas by A Themes. In the past I’ve used Spacious and ColorMag Wordpress themes. All of these are clean themes which allow the content to speak for itself.

Website Hosting

Big Scoots – I’m currently using Big Scoots to host all of my websites. The sites are small, so I currently use shared hosting, which is very reasonable.

Fat Cow – I’ve used Fat Cow to host my websites in the past. I did not have any issues with them – they were reasonable, the sites loaded at average speed and the customer support was fast and reliable.

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