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Sources of Funding for Schools

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Are you a prospective student looking for sources of funding for schools? Are you interested in getting a degree, but you’re not sure how to fund your education?

In recent weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time reading, taking online courses and watching webinars. I believe that knowledge is power and there is no harm in refreshing current concepts and learning new ones. Because my credit card is on time out and I am not saving towards any type of education, I am taking advantage of as many free or low-cost certificates and diplomas as possible.

For several years, I’ve followed several scholarship and grants websites just in case I find something that I can use or share with someone. One of my regrets when I was shopping around for universities and Masters programmes years ago, was that I did not look for scholarships and grants and other sources of funding for schools. I believe that I could have saved even more on my degree.

Sources of Funding for Schools

There are several websites which match students to college and university funding. These sites provide information about scholarships, grants, awards and bursaries. Although they may not be associated with the colleges and universities, the information is extremely valuable and will connect you to savings on your education.

Here is a list of funding sources for international, Canada, United Kingdom and United States based students.

International Students


 United Kingdom

 United States

Another way to find sources of funding for schools is to go directly to the schools that you are applying to. They may offer funding for specific programs, academic excellence, or sports achievements for both local and international students. It’s important to research scholarships when you are looking at university, because it will allow you to figure out how you will fund your education.