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The Seven Step Financial Makeover

The Seven Step Financial Makeover is a detailed guide that will help you to get your financial life under control, so that you can live easier and breathe easier.

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Dear Soon-to-be Seven Step Financial Makeover Reader,

How long have you been worrying about making ends meet? How long have you been putting off your goals and dreams simply because you did not have the money? How long have you been looking for an inexpensive solution, that you could implement to make things better?

Six weeks? Six months? Six years? Has it been longer?

Ideally, when funds are low, but you’re clear in your mind that you need help, it may feel as though the walls are closing in. Yes, there are avenues to get the help that you really need. But they cost money that you don’t have. You want to help yourself and make life better. You want to give your children the things that they need. You want to take care of your aging parents. You want to take care of yourself.

If this sounds familiar, then you will understand everything that I am saying.

Tell me if this rings true for you…

Every morning when you get up, you are brought back to reality. Last night’s dreams of your own home, a nice car and a fun family vacation seem so far away. Your alarm clock, which is freaking out next to your bed, brings you back to reality.

The current situation floods your brain as you drag yourself out of bed to face a day filled with uncertainty. You have to get ready for work, prepare the children for school and get out of the house on time.

So that you can fight through the monstrous traffic, en route to a very dissatisfying job where you are overworked, underpaid and frustrated. You just do it because of these damn bills.

As the day drags on, you are filled with feelings of dread. It’s like a ticking time bomb before the next call comes reminding you about yet another overdue payment. Every minute brings you closer to another phone call. Another email.

You spend endless hours going over your expenses in your head, trying to figure out which one will be the one to skip this month. You’ve lost track of the cycle that you’ve created for yourself. Lost track of how many times you’ve avoided paying bills just to have enough food on the table.

It’s physically and mentally draining, trying to appear stoic and controlled on the outside when your insides resemble a bowl of grits. Your work colleagues constantly boast of lives that you would only dream of. You often listen and nod in agreement, but you would prefer to be alone.

You’d rather be working towards your goals.

Everyone has goals. Whether it be walking over to the coffee shop to buy a latte or purchasing your first home. You have bigger things planned for your life. But these bills would not get out of the way.

You’ve thought about how you can make things better. The constant pressure is not easy. Especially when you don’t sleep well at night. The uneasiness makes it difficult to close your eyes and unwind. The fear of not knowing what happens next consumes you.

And, the truth is, you have no idea how to fix the financial mess that you’re in.

Yes, you have some idea of what’s wrong. At least you think you do. You know that your bills always seem to be more than your income. And that the situation just gets worse each month.

But honestly, you can’t remember exactly when things went wrong. You can’t put your finger on that one thing that has changed things forever.

It’s like you woke up one day and saw a life that you did not recognize. In the blink of an eight hour nap, you went from a dream to a nightmare. And now you can’t figure out how to wake up.

Sometimes you try to give yourself pep talks to keep hope alive that some miracle will occur. You create visions in your head that show a changed life. A happy life.

But you know that a vision is not enough. It has to be backed up with a strong and steady action. That’s what you try to believe as you drift from day to day. But it’s hard.

It’s hard to keep the faith when:

  • Your bank account barely has enough money to pay the bank’s service fees
  • Your bills keep going up and your salary is stagnant
  • You’re living pay cheque to pay cheque 
  • The creditors keep calling and threatening you with legal action
  • You’re depressed at the state of things 
  • You don’t have anywhere else to turn

So you resign yourself to hoping for that miracle, because you believe that’s the only thing that can save you.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, you’re in the right place, because I’m here with some good news:

It does not have to be this way!

You can change your financial situation, create and achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself and free your mind of the constant worry and stress. How do I know?

Because I’ve been in a financial rut too.

Introducing The Seven Step Financial Makeover…

Cover - The Seven Step Financial Makeover

How would you feel if you could give yourself a real shot where you could lay the foundation for an improved financial life?

What if you could follow a personal finance guide that could help you get out of the financial rut that you are in? A thorough guide that’s really a step by step workbook that tells you what to do.

What if you could learn from my mistakes, my research and my observations, so that you can get on track to saving your life?

Wouldn’t that would put all of your financial problems into perspective? Well, that’s exactly what I’m about to offer you.

A solution to all of those problems that, up until now, have kept you awake at night and made you hate the life that you have.

The opportunity for a better life, working towards the goals that you’ve set for yourself, providing for your family and enjoying all that life has to offer. A life that you need.

But first…

You have a big decision to make.

Do you decide, right now, to carry on living as you are now, struggling, worrying and stressing?


Do you decide, right now, to make a change for a chance at a better life?

If you’re sick of the way that things are now, then it’s time to make that change.

I’m pretty sure that the Seven Step Financial Makeover is the solution that you need to make the change that you deserve.

In fact, I’m so confident that it will help you in one way or another, I’m giving it to you for free. Yep. This means that you can download the e-book risk-free, and use it for as long as you like.

Let me give you a brief outline of what you’ll learn in the book.

The Seven Step Financial Makeover

What You’ll Get In The Seven Step Financial Makeover

Think of this book as a seven step guide that guides you through a course of action. It could be that you want to cut back on spending. Or maybe you’re interested in saving towards your emergency fund. Whatever it is, you can use the Seven Step Financial Makeover to get there.

Each of the seven steps is a task that you must complete to get closer to your desired point. There are no shortcuts in this and if you want to benefit from the book, you must follow each step. For each step, you’ll find:

  • A write up: To help explain the rationale behind the step.
  • A work sheet: To record the work required for each step.

The beauty of this e-book is that the steps are laid out and you just have to follow the instructions and actively use the accompanying work sheets.

Not Your Average E-Book…

This book is not filled with fluff and extra words. It’s basic and straight to the point.

It may be a bit rough around the edges, but it gives you what you need.

It helps you to assess your current situation and to make decisions to get the life that you need and want.

In seven easy to follow steps.

Now, it’s time for you to decide. 

Will you choose a better financial future or will you let your current life keep you in a stranglehold?

Before you decide, think about this.

This time next week, you could be well on your way to a brighter future. You could be one step closer to that one goal that you’ve been thinking about forever. And just because you’ve decided to take that step, you will get access to all of the other resources that change literally change your life.

Or, you can continue as you are – miserable, stressed and frustrated.

Cover - The Seven Step Financial Makeover

What will you choose? Click on the image above if you believe that you deserve a new financial future.