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Things to Know When Starting a Small Business

I’m an advocate for starting a small business, especially when it makes a positive and worthy difference in your life or  someone else’s life. However, starting a business is not necessarily the easiest feat in the world. For some, it may be a harrowing exercise that evokes feelings of anger and disappointment. And for others, business ownership may appear to be an almost impossible task.

Things to Know When Starting a Small Business

One of the goals of the Odd Cents blog is to provide you with the encouragement and motivation that you are looking for at any and every stage of your life. If you are dreaming of starting a business, we’re here to give you all of the help and encouragement that you need. Take these words of wisdom from a few of Barbados’ female entrepreneurs and small business owners to heart as you embark on your journey through business ownership.

1. King Kesia

“To be in a place where you are truly happy and at peace is the height of success.”

Some entrepreneurs set big goals that revolve around money and assets. But sometimes you have to find an inner peace that comes about just from simply loving what you do.

2. Sherriann Norris

“Sometimes we talk too much and to the wrong people. If you have a goal/plan/decision, just do it.”

Everyone is not going to share your joy and enthusiasm for your idea. Some people may try to discourage and demotivate you. Ignore them and keep on working on that idea. Remember – you owe yourself more than you owe anyone else.

3. Ashlar Designs

“Work for it more than you hope for it.”

The only way those dreams in your head will turn into a successful business, is if you work hard. Thinking is useless unless it’s followed by action and dedication.

4. Rashida’s Pizzas

Work hard today so tomorrow you can speak on the experience. Failure only comes to those who never tried.”

Don’t get caught up on failing and the fear of failing. If you try and it does not work out, at least you know what you should not do in the second go around.

5. Naturindas

“Your reality may be someone else’s dream. Don’t waste it.”

You’ve been blessed to have taken an idea to a business. Don’t take the process that you’ve grown through for granted. Instead, be grateful for the bumps and the smooth roads.

6. Gigi Farier

“Remember that in every risk lies problems and solutions. Go into your situations and opportunities with the mentality that regardless of the risks, you will either figure it out or make it work.”

It’s almost impossible to avoid risks. Don’t be scared about what could happen. Instead be sure, that if and when it happens, you will find a way to fix it.

7. Healthy Kinks Botanicals

“I believe in starting and taking steps to where you want to be. And hey, I developed this baby all by myself and I know nothing about web development.”

Your business will make you appreciate your untapped talents and abilities. You must be bold enough to experiment and willing to succeed in areas that you never dreamed about.

8. Kejalohr Consultants

” Make your small business a great place to work. Small businesses implementing strategic HR policies have contented workers. Contented workers then boost customer satisfaction rates which results in high rates of revenue and income growth.”

Give your business the best possible chance of succeeding by keeping your employees happy. If they can see your vision and believe in it through your established policies, your business will thrive.

9. Feed the Passion

“Always celebrate your wins even if they are small. This gives you momentum to continue.”

You don’t have to look too far for motivation. As you progress along your business journey and reach certain milestones, acknowledge that you are on the right path and congratulate yourself for reaching your short term goals.

10. Melinda Peter Belle

“You will go nowhere doing the same thing expecting the same results. Step out. Launch out. Go outside of the norm. Be you. Grow baby. Don’t fear who you really could be. Go get it.”

The global business market is very dynamic and changes very quickly. You have to ensure that your business can change just as quickly in an effort to remain relevant and keep your business going.

11. Odd Cents

“When you own a business, especially if you are now getting started, you work hard. If you are the only employee of the business, you work harder.”

Running a business by yourself can be an experience that will either make you or break you. But, it’s a learning experience that will make you tough enough to handle almost anything that this world throws at you.

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