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Ways to Save Money This Christmas

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Are you looking for ways to save money this Christmas? Read on to see how you can cut back on your spending for the holidays.

For many of us, it’s been a year of firsts. We have never experienced a pandemic. And we have never experienced a pandemic of this magnitude. It resulted in everything from death to job loss to mental breakdowns. And by the looks of things, it will be with us for a long time.

In the early days when things were absolutely dreary, Hallmark changed it regularly scheduled programming to air Christmas movies. I was grateful for this because Christmas movies can make you feel happy. Sure, many of them have similar story lines, but there is always a feel good resolution that makes you believe in love, romance, Christmas trees and mistletoe.

But now that Christmas is here, it may not be the same as years gone. I think the season will be different for the merchants because people have less money to spend. And those who have money, will be a bit more cautious with their budgets. In addition, people will also be looking for ways to save money this Christmas. This creates opportunities for creative gifts, unusual gifts and unique ways to enjoy the season.

To save you on a bit of stress, I put together this list of blogs with some of the best ways to save money this Christmas.

1. 10 Ways to Save Money This Christmas (Savvy New Canadians)

Christmas is the time of year to celebrate and we usually add lights, food and goodwill. If you are committed to enjoying your Christmas, these ten tips from Savvy New Canadians will be useful. Suggestions include going discount shopping and taking advantage of sales and deals; paying with cash to make sticking to your budget easier; and considering a no-gifts Christmas.

2. 15 Ways to Save Money for Christmas (Dave Ramsay)

Ideally, it would have been nice to start saving early in the year. But since we were dealing with the impact of COVID, it was not quite possible. However, Dave Ramsay offered up some money saving gems, which include using cash back apps where you get rewards and points; changing your cell phone plan or cutting back on your minutes or data; and making your own gifts for Christmas.

3. 10 Ways to Save Money This Christmas Without Losing the Sparkle (

Many of us are struggling with financial difficulties in an economy that took a big hit. But, the good news is that Christmas will always be a celebration of Jesus’ birth, no matter what else is going on. This Christmas, Life Hack is challenging you to use these 10 tips to have a happy holiday. It recommends sending Christmas cards instead of gifts, giving homemade gifts and reusing gift bags to save on wrapping paper.

4. 10 Tips for How to Save Money at Christmas (Good Housekeeping)

Are you looking for the top money hacks to get you through the holiday season? Good Housekeeping makes some good recommendations that you should not ignore. Cutting back on television subscriptions; using gift vouchers and gifts to buy gifts; and creating a Secret Santa club with your friends to reduce the number of gifts you have to buy.

5. 40 Xmas Money Saving Tips (MoneySavingExpert)

It’s amazing that Money Saving Expert identified 40 money saving tips to help you to reduce your financial stress at Christmas and in the new year. Three of my favourite tips are keeping it real about what you can afford to spend; selling used items (in good condition) on Ebay or Facebook; and banning unnecessary presents (or all presents).

6. 20 Ways to Save Money During the Holiday Season – Tips & Ideas (Money Crashers)

Statistics reveal that that the average American was expected spend over $1,000 on gifts in 2019. Although this amount includes gifts, decorations and food, it did not include holiday travel and activities. To keep yourself sane and your wallet fat, Money Crashers proposes limiting your gift list; making your own Christmas decorations; and lowering your liquor bill.

7. How to Save Money at Christmas (Money Nuggets)

Decking the halls with budgets and wise shopping plans, is not what comes to mind when Christmas comes around. However, it would be nice to have a beautiful holiday and not worry about money. Money Nuggets explains that you can save money at Christmas without breaking the bank. Suggestions include saving money on phone calls by using Skype and other free apps; hosting a pot luck party; and spending Christmas doing activities with the family.

8. Christmas on a Budget: How to Save Money for Christmas! (Clever Girl Finance)

The best way to curb your spending at Christmas is to make a Christmas budget. This makes perfect sense and it’s something that I would do. According to Clever Girl Finance, this is an ingenious way to save money at Christmas. Tips include shopping smart for Christmas; giving your time instead of buying gifts; and finding ways to earn money during the holidays.

9. 27 Ways to Save Money for the Christmas Holiday Season (Team Work Dream)

When you look at all of the things that we spend money on to celebrate the holidays, money can add up very quickly. Gifts, family get-togethers, extra grocery shopping and decorations can lead to a spending splurge. TeamWorkDream proposes negotiating for better deals on purchases; regifting items that you have never used; and my personal favourite, comparing retailers’ prices.

10. 25 Tips to Save Money This Christmas (Every Dollar)

I’ve not had the Christmas bug (other than watching Christmas movies) for a very long time. But this year will be different. I bought a Christmas tree and made a tablescape. However, I had to keep my spending in check to ensure that I did not rack up any debt. If you’re in the same boat, Every Dollar recommends reining in your other spending; resisting retail marketing and the pretty ads; and buying meaningful gifts.

Do you have any other Christmas tips that you can share? It’s been a rough one, and we need all the help we can get. Don’t forget that January is right around the corner and you need to be financially prepared for the long haul to payday.