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Weekly Report – 15 April 2012

This week was something else. I had a 24 hour exam which began on Friday morning at 7 am and had to be submitted by Saturday morning at 7 am. Let’s just say that I’m glad that it’s over. I’m now putting the finishing touches on an assignment that’s due tomorrow and I will be on vacation from school until the first week of May. Hooray!

During my time off I want to:

  1. Write at least 5 posts for Odd Cents
  2. Get back to blog loving and supporting – I feel as though I have failed my Yakezie colleagues
  3. Write at least 5 posts for the Barbados Travel Blog
  4. Work on a new idea for the travel blog
  5. Write two short stories for upcoming competitions
  6. Submit at least one research proposal to a not-for-profit organisation

I think that is a very reasonable list, considering that I have about 15 days to play with. I’ve found that writing down a list of things to do and then prioritising what I want to tackle first, always works for me.

Favourite Blogs of the Week of 15 April 2012

This week I’m featuring Yakezie blogs that recently dropped below 200,000 in the Alexa rankings. I’m so happy for these bloggers – congrats!!!

  1. This That and the MBA
  2. Tackling Our Debt
  3. I Am 1 Percent
  4. Evolving Personal Finance

I’m even more inspired now to get cracking and get my ranking down under 200,000 – I have two months to go. Wish me good luck!

Have a great week!