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What I Learnt from Valerie Coleman Morris

I can’t remember ever being so engrossed in a speech. I’ve been known to nod off and yawn repeatedly because of boredom. That did not happen when I attended the Fortress Fund Managers Investment Forum over the weekend. Valerie Coleman Morris was the keynote speaker and her area of expertise is personal finance.

She admitted that she was a fan of Warren Buffett and she used several of his quotes throughout her presentation. Seeing that it was impossible to write every single word that she said, I will use some of her quotes to give you a quick recap of her speech.

  1. “Panic is not the answer; having a plan is.”
  2. “What can this dollar do for me, or what can I do with this dollar?”
  3. “There is nothing like a financial crisis to get everyone’s attention.”
  4. “Money is like oxygen – it flows.”
  5. “Keep emergency money in a fluid account that is easily accessible.”
  6. ” We all have the ability to control our money.”
  7. “Building wealth should be the goal in good times and bad times.”
  8. “Spend wisely, save wildly.”
  9. “Live below your means.”
  10. “Buy low and sell high.”
  11. “Goals make you more deliberate on staying on course.”
  12. “Attach a goal to your money.”
  13. “Commit to wealth building by feeling wealthy.”
  14. “Make a plan, make a better plan, make another plan.”
  15. “Panic is not a strategy.”
  16. “Practice retirement before you get into it.”
  17. “In your twenties, create a budget; make a note of your inflows and outflows; pay down your debt; join a savings plan.”
  18. “In your thirties, maintain a six to nine month emergency fund; protect your money with insurance; join a savings plan.”
  19. “In your forties, eliminate debt; keep your spending under control; prepare for the uncertainties – divorce and widowhood.”
  20. ” Know your credit history – get your credit reports and read them.”
  21. “Protect yourself from identity theft.”
  22. “Pay yourself first – save, save, save.”
  23. “Define and distinguish your wants and needs.”
  24. “Start educating your children from young.”
  25. “Patience, persistence, perseverance.”