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You Can Play Your Part and I Will Play Mine

Every day I’m appalled by the crazy stories of people doing crazy things. It seems as though a large portion of the human race has lost its basic common sense! I would admit that I like to laugh and I might be the first to start giggling at a good joke. But when people start to do stupid, harmful things, I draw the line.

My humble opinion is that if you’re going to use your brain, use it for something good. Play your part. Help invent a cure for cancer or AIDS. Volunteer your time to the less fortunate. Use your talents for good. Don’t do folly, because when you get caught you look stupid twice! Once for actually doing something so stupid and the other is for getting caught doing something so stupid.

Here in Barbados, we were all blessed with free education right up to tertiary level. The opportunities are there, it’s up to you to make that step. I don’t see why young people should go to school and waste their time, only to come out of school with nothing. And then have the nerve to complain that things are hard and you can’t get a job etc. Play your part!

Everybody is good at something. It could be sports, academics or technical stuff – we’re all good at something. I’m asking you parents to encourage your children in whatever positive thing they aspire to. Lend a helping hand wherever you can. A helping hand might be a few words of encouragement and just talking to your children. You might not see it, but your words and actions severely impact them. You are the best role models that they could ever have and it’s your duty to set positive examples for them to follow.

I know a lady whose son wants to start a small business. She said one Saturday night, he sat next to her and just started talking about his ideas. He’s a very quiet young man and when he started to talk, she just listened. She was surprised to hear him talking so much and with a degree of passion that she did not know that he had. He had thought the entire process through and his words just flowed. She encouraged him to pursue the idea and even offered financing to get the project off the ground.

There is too much crap going on in the world and it’s getting worse. If we don’t pay serious attention to what is going on, the world is doomed.

You can play your part and I will play mine. And when all of these parts come together, the whole will be that much stronger.