better shopping guide

Better Shopping Guide: How to Save Money When Shopping

The Better Shopping Guide is designed to help you to cut back on your spending. Learn how to save on your grocery bill, travel expenses and other consumer expenses whilst maintaining a satisfactory quality of life. There are lots of ways to save money when shopping. It’s more about developing a smart strategy and ignoring impulse buying. Being a savvy[…]

Teaching Children About Personal Finance

Teaching Children About Personal Finance

I’m in full agreement with teaching children about personal finance. Financial responsibility does not begin when you make a few mistakes and then decide to correct them. It begins when you have a clear understanding about the consequences of your actions and you are knowledgeable about the choices that you have. And the best way to do that[…]

start a business

Start a Business, Then What?

It’s been a while since I’ve written a commentary about things that have been going on in the Caribbean. It’s really a combination of not having enough time to sit down and think about what I want to write about, and there being so many issues that I’m not sure which one to pick apart. I participated in[…]

why i closed my bank account

Why I Closed My Bank Account After Two Years

I closed my bank account because I was fed up with an annoying bank fee. I know that this might not be the best solution for everybody, but it definitely is the most effective. Banks charge for everything under the sun, and if the government imposes additional fees on them, you can be sure that they will collect[…]

income tax rush

Avoid the Income Tax Rush

Make this year the year that you avoid the income tax rush. Tax season is here and although it may be a bit early, NOW is the time to complete your return and submit it. There are many benefits of completing your tax return on time and way in advance of the deadline. I’ll tell you how filing[…]

buying a condo as an investment

Buying a Condo as an Investment

Buying a condo as an investment property is a route that many people take to make money. Depending on where you live it can be a worthwhile investment that can pay off or it can be a big mistake with dire financial consequences. Your challenge is to essentially crunch the numbers to get an idea of what you[…]

mortgage application denied

Mortgage Application Denied: What To Do Next?

Mortgage application denied. These are not the three little words that you were hoping to hear. You did everything that was asked and you followed the right procedures. You provided the mortgage adviser with every document that was requested – bank statements, job letter, pay slips, proof of address, lists of debts and assets, two forms of identification,[…]

how to choose the best home insurance policy

How to Choose the Best Home Insurance Policy

Many people are not sure how to choose the best home insurance policy that fits their needs. With so many different home insurance policies on the market, each touted as the best, it’s very easy to get confused about which one is right for you. After you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home, you should[…]