Since Odd Cents was launched in 2011, the services available through the site have changed substantially. Due to an increase in interest about the site and its content, I have decided to offer a new, smaller suite of services. These services are designed to better serve readers and clients, by providing helpful solutions in varied formats.

However, it must be noted that Odd Cents aims to help people first. This means that this blog will continue to comment freely about positive and negative experiences, products and services. The site will remain independent from commercial objectives, whether or not the services below have been purchased.

Sponsored Posts

From time to time, I will post sponsored posts that fall within the business, finance and personal finance fields. Sponsored posts will contain approximately 1,000  words and can be accompanied by up to three (3)  images and/or infographics. You can also include up to three (3) links to your website. The title of the article will include the word “Sponsored” and there will be a paragraph at the beginning of the article that explains that it is a sponsored article.

Sponsored posts will be shared will be the Odd Cents social media following in the same manner as other posts written for the site. This means that your post will be shared via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. You are free to share the post to your social media following as often as you would like.

Sponsored posts require a 50% down payment which must be paid before the first draft is written. The final 50% is due before the article is published. If the final payment is not made within 24 hours of the agreed publishing date, the article will not be published and the 50% down payment will not be refunded. I cannot offer any guarantees about the number of clicks that your links or article will receive.

If you are interested in a sponsored post, please send an email to oddcents [at] gmail [dot] com and type “Sponsored Post” in the title of your email. In your message, please include at least three topics that you are interested in and the URLs of the three (3) website pages that you would like to link to.