Odd Election: Financial Investment News Link Round Up – 11/14

I’m so happy that the election is over. I was anxious about what could happen when the final results were announced. Financial investment news reports were expecting the worst if the unexpected occurred. The markets were going to fall, burst and then shrivel up and die. But then when the unexpected occurred, the markets did not react as expected. However, new fears have risen and many people have decided to adopt a wait and see attitude.

The past week has taught me so much about life and in particular personal finance. One of the lessons that stands out is the fact that you need to be prepared for the unexpected. As a project manager, I understand that risk management is critical to success in anything that you do. And, although you cannot predict each and every risk, you should be prepared for those unknown risks that may occur.

Here are some of the interesting financial investment news pieces that I read in the aftermath of the election.

1. The ‘Yuge’ Donald Trump Market Rally Continues

Very few people expected the markets to rally after a Donald Trump win. But it shows that strange events can inspire even stranger results. See how The Yuge Donald Trump Market Rally Continues and the hopes that some have placed on the Donald Trump Presidency.

2. Here’s Why Stock Trading has Made a Comeback—and Who is Benefiting

The stock market has made an exciting comeback following years of low volume. Stock volume increased and new accounts almost double. This signals that there is hope for sweeping changes under a Donald Trump administration. Read Here’s Why Stock Trading Has Made a Comeback – and Who is Benefiting.

3. U.S. Banks’ Post-Election Rally May be Just an Appetizer

Heavy regulation and low interest rates have been blamed for the poor performance of bank stocks. But, Donald Trump made a campaign promise to review banking sector regulations and there is a view that U.S. Banks’ Post-Election Rally May be Just an Appetizer. Although there is no clear idea of what policies may be implemented, investors are optimistic that lighter regulation will be a reality and predict that it would cause a pick-up in economic growth.

4. The Financial Crisis Catalysed Responsible Investment

Eight years ago, the world was thrown into turmoil with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. That episode revealed a need for sensible investment strategies and ethical and professional conduct by invest managers and related professionals. The climate has changed and  In 2016, things have improved, but there is no denying that The Financial Crisis Catalysed Responsible Investment.

5. Can Trump Really Revive The U.S. Coal Industry?

Trump’s campaign focused on the rejuvenation of the American coal industry. It is a widely known fact that the sector is in deep trouble. Production costs have risen, environmental regulations have become more strict and there has been solid competition from substitute products. Can Trump Really Revive the U.S. Coal Industry?

6. Six Tax Planning Strategies to Prepare for a Trump Presidency

From refusing to disclose to his tax returns to arrogantly declaring that he was smart in avoiding taxes, Donald Trump will enact sweeping tax reform changes. There is still some uncertainty about what changes will be made but here are Six Tax Planning Strategies to Prepare for a Trump Presidency. There is always the possibility that nothing much will change for the lower and middle classes. But, the upper class might be in the tax money.

7. Forget Trump: 6 Technology Stocks to Buy Right Now

The Nasdaq, Dow Jones and S&P 500 all recorded gains in the aftermath of the election. If you’re anxious and looking to invest your money right now and make some worthwhile profits, take a look at these 6 Technology Stocks to Buy Right Now.

8. What President Trump Could Mean for Canada’s Economy, and the World’s

From a wild and crazy election campaign to a calm and sensible presidency? Many are not convinced that it’s possible. Some of the ideas and promises were a bit out there. Examples are to build a wall along the border with Mexico, close borders to trade by renegotiating trade agreements and levying tariffs. The outlook is not at all positive. Here is a clear look at What President Trump Could Mean for Canada’s Economy, and the World’s.

9. How a Trump Presidency Could Affect Your Investment Portfolio

Financial advisors are advising investors saving for their retirement to avoid making any major changes right now.  Stocks that investors should pay attention to include health care, financial firms, defense stocks, companies that export goods, energy companies and gold. Here’s How a Trump Presidency Could Affect Your Investment Portfolio.

10. What Does President-Elect Trump Mean for Your Portfolio?

The best approach in a situation like this is to stay clam and make a smart plan. Historically, moves in the market after an election do not necessarily predict what could happen in the future. However, because volatility drives opportunity, the market may reach new highs. Find out What Does President-Elect Trump Mean for Your Portfolio.

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