Client services are tailored with customers in mind because I believe in going above and beyond for all of my clients and partners. You are guaranteed to receive the quality of service that you expect. By working with me, you can save time and money by outsourcing some aspects of your day to day operations. This will give you the time to focus on your core competences and grow your business or brand faster.


I’m only offering sponsored posts at this time, but I always welcome the opportunity to feature individuals and companies on Odd Cents.

Here are a few things to note about the sponsored posts featured on Odd Cents:

  1. I do not provide “positive” reviews of products or services that I have never used.
  2. There is no exclusivity to any individual or company.
  3. There will be limited social media marketing of sponsored posts.
  4. A fee will be charged for each sponsored post.

Article Research and Article Writing

I understand the importance of unique articles in a time when there are many communication channels offering the same information. I provide thoroughly researched, high quality and well written articles that are tailored to your needs.

Blog and Website Management

Managing a blog or website takes time and patience. My services include approving and managing comments, monitoring your website to ensure that it’s online and functioning correctly, replying to emails and writing articles so that you can be engaged with your audience.

Editing and Proofreading

I offer editing and proofreading services to authors, academics, corporate and government entities, business owners and students. I also create bibliographies and reference lists using your stipulated referencing style and requirements.

Freelance and Staff Writing

If you are you looking for a regular or part-time contributor or staff writer for your website or print publication, hire me. I will provide consistent, quality articles which are cost-effective.

Ghost Writing

If you need posts for your blog or website, written from your perspective, contact me.

Personal Financial Management

Sometimes it’s not easy to keep your finances in check. I will help you to create realistic budgets and practical spending and savings plans, plan for your future, streamline your current finances and create emergency funds.

Product and Book Reviews

I provide honest, unbiased and verified reviews of your products and services. My assessment can focus on any area of your choice and will be presented in a professionally written article that will be posted on the Odd Cents blog.

Speaking Engagements

I offer a limited number of speaking engagements. I can facilitate workshops that are fun, interactive and inspiring. Contact me to get more details on the topics that I am knowledgeable about.