10 Budget-Friendly Ways To Ring in The New Year

10 Budget-Friendly Ways To Ring in The New Year - Foodica

When I was younger, going out on Old Year’s Night or New Year’s Eve to ring in the New Year was a huge deal. I used to get all dressed up and head to a cool lime, fete, or party and have a ball with fireworks to boot.

Nowadays I’m just content to sip on some Bailey’s and watch some TV all decked out in an old, stretched out, tee-shirt. If you’re anxiously looking for budget-friendly ways to ring in the new year, here are a few ideas for you.

  1. Do nothing – Stay home and sip on a glass of your preferred beverage and watch some TV.
  2. Sleep – I’ve done this a couple times and it always turns out well.
  3. Go to church – Did this a couple years too. This is one night that church is packed to capacity, so get there early.
  4. Throw a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) party – All you have to supply is a location with a bathroom.
  5. Host a movie night – Encourage your guests to bring the movies and snacks.
  6. Watch fireworks – Gather some friends, snacks and drinks and go to a location where you know that you can see fireworks for free.
  7. Go to a house party – Wear an old dress and jazz it up with some funky accessories.
  8. Prepare dinner for two – Cook a meal for you and your sweetie and have a romantic evening at home.
  9. Host a games evening – Taboo is always a favourite and guarantees loads of fun.
  10. Plan a meal for yourself – Go all out and set the table with candles and fine flatware and dinnerware.

I’ve already placed my Bailey’s in the fridge. I’m not an alcoholic and I rarely drink. In fact, I’m going to add some water to that Bailey’s so it isn’t so potent. And I think that I will pop some popcorn (my favourite snack.) Whatever you choose to do, please be careful and be safe. If you’re going out and you plan on drinking, ensure that there is a designated driver who will not be drinking.

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