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7 Candle Businesses That Are Heating Up the Caribbean

According to Northeastern University, creativity fuels ideas and creates business opportunities in a very competitive, global environment. With this in mind, many Caribbean residents have taken charge of building creative businesses that bring something new to the region. As a result, these 7 candle businesses are heating up the Caribbean business marketplace with warm, calming and fragrant candles.

1. Brio Che 

7 Candle Businesses - Brio Che
Image Credit: Brio Che

Owned and operated by Bernadette and Taireen Warren, Brio Che is a luxury, all natural brand that produces candles, soap, coconut oil and body butter. Their selection of candles are infused with island scents that represent the essence of the Caribbean. Candles are 100% vegetarian, do not contain any GMO ingredients, are eco-friendly and are certified organic. The truly Caribbean candle selection includes “Tropical Fruit Bliss”, “Lemongrass Heaven”, “Island Spice Delight” and “Zesty Caribbean Mint.” This is one of a few candle businesses located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Candle orders can be made via their website and products are available locally in Kingstown, St. Vincent. For additional information visit the Brio Che website and Instagram page.

2. Wax Worx Barbados

7 Candle Businesses - Wax Worx - Foodica
Image Credit: Wax Worx

Wax Worx is a candle making Barbados based company that features hand-poured candles. Candles,which are made with natural waxes and wicks, are scented with essential oils or phthalate free scents. Stacy, owner and candle maker, has over 15 years of experience in making candles. The appeal of candle businesses has grown very quickly in the region and as a result Wax Worx has created a following in Barbados. Most importantly, to add an edge to the Wax Worx brand, all candle containers are refillable and they can be personalised and produced for special events. Therefore, if you’re visiting Barbados, you can pick up your Wax Worx candle from The Party Club or Barbadiana. For more details, visit the website or follow on Instagram.

3. The Antigua Candle Factory

7 Candle Businesses - Antigua Candle Factory - Foodica
Image Credit: Antigua Candle Factory

Antigua is a small island with a strong heritage and culture that lives through its people. The Antigua Candle Factory prides itself on being 100% Antiguan and has been acknowledged for being one of the Caribbean’s top candle businesses. This candle business produced its first candle, Mr. Shooz, which was an anti-mosquito citronella candle, in 2013. Since then, there has been the development of innovative products which have been added to its portfolio. The Shooz line of candles includes Mr. Shooz; Mrs. Shooz, a fragrant candle available in two Caribbean themed scents and Frooty Shooz, another fragrant candle with five island fruit scents. The Antigua Candle Factory ships regionally and internationally and orders can be placed by calling 268 772 8086 or 268 464 7097, visiting the website or by emailing

4. Renee Scentsationz

7 Candle Businesses - Renee Scentsationz - Foodica
Image Credit: Renee Scentsationz

Caribbean businesses like Renee Scentsationz, are creating special memories for its Caribbean and international customers. The Grenada based company is owned and operated by Marcella Jeremiah, a passionate and spirited entrepreneur. With an impressive array of Caribbean themed candles, Renee Scentsationz is revolutionising the candle business in the Caribbean with its all-natural soy wax candles. Some of the delicious candles available for purchase are “Coconut Lime”, “Banana Bread”, Bayleaf”, “Botanical Orchard and Nectar”, “Mango”, “Nutmeg” and “Ocean.” Most of its candles are available in small (2 oz.), medium (4 oz.) and large (8 oz.) sizes. Products can be purchased at popular trade shows, exhibitions and pop-up-shops. In addition, you may also shop for your Caribbean candles on the Renee Scentsationz website. Also remember to follow on Instagram.

5. St. Lucy Botanists

7 Candle Businesses - St. Lucy Botanists - Foodica
Image Credit: St. Lucy Botanists

Holistic beauty, respect for the earth, and a deep consciousness of the environment are some of the core defining factors of St. Lucy Botanists. Consequently, its plant-based products are built on the tenets of botanical science. The names of the candles in the St. Lucy Botanists’ luxurious candle line, are reminiscent of traditional and historical Barbadian themes and symbols. “Rum Punch”, “The Sweetie Lady”, “The Abbey” and “Trade Winds” are some of the more popular names that represent interesting tidbits of the Barbados of old. The company’s name itself pays homage to one of Barbados’ parishes, St. Lucy, which is located in the north of the island. Accordingly, to contact St. Lucy Botanists, peruse their website and Instagram page.

6. Starfish Oils Jamaica

7 Candle Businesses - Starfish Oils - Foodica
Image Credit: Starfish Oils

Candles from candle businesses in the Caribbean are in many homes around the world. Starfish Oils has been stimulating senses with their natural products since 1996. Furthermore, the company’s candles were featured in several international magazines including Bon Appetite and Caribbean Travel and Life. Star Fish Oils’ aromatic long burning candles, are infused with unique Caribbean essential oils. One of their stellar products is the Mystic Vibez candle, which pays homage to the life and legacy of Bob Marley. Other unique candles include an all-natural mosquito repelling candle that incorporates lemongrass and citronella oils; and the coconut shell candles that are made from real coconut shells. Check out Starfish Oils on the web and on Instagram.

7. Scents of Tobago

7 Candle Businesses - Scents of Tobago - Foodica
Image Credit: Scents of Tobago

In the heart of Scarborough, Tobago, lies an innovative and quality driven candle business, Scents of Tobago. This bath and body company has an extensive line of products that includes highly sought after creative candles and life changing workshops. Consequently, the Earth Tribe line of candles are high quality and relaxing thanks to their Caribbean fragrances and artistic accents. Also, the business’ candle vessels are authentic art pieces adorned with hand painted designs. The aim of this small company is to give you a sense of Tobago through its creative products. If you are interested in purchasing candles from Scents of Tobago or enrolling in one of their empowering workshops, please visit their website. Of course you can also follow them on Instagram.

Most importantly, the thriving, and high-demand candle and aromatherapy market in the Caribbean, has given rise to new business. As a result, these seven creative candle businesses have established strong business foundations and built frameworks for success. Although they operate in the same market, each business has carved out its own niche; thus making their products distinctive and unique. Most noteworthy, these entrepreneurs have been quite successful at perfecting a handmade craft and honing in on their creative skills.