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Could You Survive Without a Cell Phone?

I think that I could definitely survive without a cell phone. To be honest, I rarely use my cell phone. Some days it does not even ring and I often forget that I have it with me. It has reached the point where I have forgotten my phone on my desk at work, and I only realised it the next morning when I get back to my desk.

I think my relationship with my cell phone is strongly rooted in the fact that I am budget conscious. I have a prepaid plan which means that I have to put money on my phone from time to time. The concept of pre-paying allows me to safely allocate how much money I can put towards my phone. And that directly affects how many conversations I can have or how many texts I can send. That being said, I usually put about twenty dollars in credit on my phone every other month.

I don’t see my cell phone as a luxury. Instead it is a tool that allows me to make or receive a quick call when the need arises. When I was younger and a lot more outgoing, I was attached to my cell phone. I was addicted to sending and receiving texts. But now, my focus has shifted to other things and having a cell phone is not as important as it used to be.

A few of my friends have Blackberry phones and they are always encouraging me to upgrade from my trusty Nokia. Admittedly, the temptation is great, but that would mean signing up for a post paid plan, which I’m not willing to do. A post paid plan means that I would have a cell phone bill to pay each month and it would also require that I shift around my budget, hence diverting funds from something else.

What about you? Could you survive without a cell phone? Let us know on Facebook!