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Do Women Who Choose Careers Believe That They Are Unattractive?

Do women who choose careers believe that they are unattractive? See what men in Barbados have to say about this.

On Sunday I was listening to a call-in programme on a radio station in Barbados. I tuned in late, but the DJ was asking listeners if they thought that women chose to be career women because they believe that they are too unattractive to find partners. Apparently some study was done and those were the results.

During the time that I was tuned in, the majority of the callers disagreed the findings. One guy (Guy 1) in particular, explained that the findings were incorrect, because women pursued their careers so that they can make their own money to buy their “hair, clothes and nails.”

To make the discussion a bit more interesting, the DJ asked individual callers if they had a problem with their spouse making more money than them. Guy 1 said that he would not mind if his wife made more money than he did and that he was with her because of love and not money. He further explained that men who have a problem with women making more money than they do have ego issues.

Guy 2 called in and said that men would love women to think that their unattractiveness makes them pursue careers. But he said that is not the case and it’s the men with the problem. Some men are so threatened by women that they would do any and everything possible to keep a woman. And it’s not always because the man does not love his woman. Instead it is that man’s way of feeling like the man in the relationship.

Another guy (Guy 3) said that women should stay at home and take care of the family. He had no problem with a woman having a career, but his view was that there is a time when the family should come first. And when the woman gets pregnant, she should stay at home and take care of the babies. The DJ asked him if he would want his wife to quit, which means living on one income. Guy 3 responded that living on one income is not an issue and a real man would step up, be a man and make it work.

Here is my take on it. Many women choose to do whatever they want based on the goals they have set for themselves. Some women want to have a career. Others choose to stay at home and raise their families. And then another set of women do both – they have a career and a family. I do not agree that women who choose careers do so because they cannot find a partner.

What do you think? Do women choose careers because they can’t find a partner?