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Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Odd Cents - Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

So this is one of those posts where I throw an idea out there to see where I can go. I want to make extra money and now that I’m a brief vacation, my brain is working overtime. When I think about it, I would prefer to do something that does not require me to leave home and will not leave me tired and sleepless in Barbados.

1. Jewellery Making – I have a bag filled with findings, beads and tools just waiting to be made into something cool and funky. The problem is that whenever I make a really nice piece of jewellery, I end up keeping it because it is fabulous. Another issue is that jewellery making takes time. And if it’s an elaborate piece – lots of time. Another issue is finding the “market” for my jewellery. Lots of people in Barbados make jewellery and it could be a saturated market. But I figure I could get around that by offering unique stuff using different techniques and materials.

2. Throw pillows – I’ve seen the ridiculous prices that stores charge for store pillows. My plan is to under price them and get my pillows into people’s homes. The biggest issue here is the time that it takes to make the pillows. I can sew using a sewing machine, but I have to take my time because I’m a bit rusty. Another issue is finding nice fabric to make the pillows from. Yes, there are fabric stores here in Barbados, but that can lead to copycats. I think it is viable, especially if I get the fabric from overseas or do some hand paintings on the fabric.

3. Bags – On a recent trip I bought two bag sewing patterns with the intention of making bags. If I can get it right, this too can be another way for me to make money. However, as with the throw pillows, this can be time-consuming and finding unique fabric problematic. But, sewing bags can open many doors and if I can churn out a couple of them per day, I would have a small collection available for sale.

4. Freelance writing – I think this is the easiest of all the options to make more extra money. I would write for blogs, online newspapers, magazines, general websites and almost any other online “entity”. I can write articles or newsletters. This is also a time consuming activity, but the good thing is that I don’t have to leave my house. I have a laptop, software and access to the Internet.

The common factor between these ideas is time. All of time take considerable amount of time. But, I think they are good ideas that can pay off as long as the time required is given. The aim is to produce quality work, which will impress buyers, who in turn with tell their friends.