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How Can I Really Enjoy Spending Money?

Do you enjoy spending money? This was something that I struggled with at various points in my life. But ever since COVID-19 started and I made the shift to work from home, I’ve been spending less on some of my budget categories. I don’t go anywhere, so I have saved money on gas and my general spending has reduced considerably. I was lucky to have enough to increase my emergency fund and put aside money for the unknown unknowns.

But something else that happened, was that I found myself in a position where I was spending money and not worrying about it. My mind has shifted from cautiously calculating to confidently knowing. Maybe it was my frugal minded conditioning over all these years. Or maybe it is the fact that now that I am saving extra dollars there is less pressure to account for every single dollar and cent. Although I live a frugal lifestyle, I feel a lot more confident about my spending habits.

That is a big achievement for me because I worry a lot. I find that some things consume my thoughts and I spend too much time worrying. And I believe that because the mind is so powerful, I could cause more harm than good with my thoughts. And to make the shift to a point that I could enjoy spending money meant that I was seeing results from simply changing the way that I think and act.

How to Enjoy Spending Money

I keep thinking about the times that Tupac said, “trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents”, and I realise that it must be tiring. If you’re tired of worrying and stressing about every single dollar, I can give you a few tips that will help to ease your mind. Stress is a terrible thing to have and money is the biggest source of stress. It’s time that you enjoy spending money that you work so hard for.

1. Save Money

When you tuck away your savings first, any number can play after that. I know that it could be difficult to do this if your expenses are high and income is low. But if you can stash at least 10% of your income in a no-touch account, it will benefit you in both the short run and the long run. By saving money, you are creating a financial cushion for your life.

2. Treat Yourself

I treat myself a couple times a month with things that I love. One of my guilty pleasures is a sno-cone. Not just any sno-cone, but it has to be a red and coconut with condensed milk. Even though a snow is less than $5, it’s something that I enjoy. It makes me happy; it makes me feel good and I deserve these things.

3. Spend Intentionally

The backbone of spending intentionally is the budget. If you want to live a certain lifestyle, you will do what it takes to live it. In your budget, you will plan out your spending so that you have ample funds to spend on the things that you want. This is perfect if you are not the most frugal person. You slice your cake in the way that makes the most sense for you.

4. Help Others

This might be a bit different, especially if you don’t believe that positivity breeds positivity. Since COVID-19 started, I have supported a number of small business owners. I understood that it was difficult for many of them, and I made a decision to help out where I could. I was happy knowing that my money was helping someone pay a bill or buy food for their family.

5. Change Your Mindset

This is one of the most important things that you can do, as you work to enjoy spending money. It is very normal (and very responsible) to question your spending choices. You have to work on changing your mindset so that you get rid of those negative feelings about spending. When you do this, your approach to money will change and you will find that you have more to spend.

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