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Favourite Posts of the Week – New Year Edition – 8 Jan 2012

For this New Year edition of my favourite posts, I decided to switch this post to Sundays, because I have more time to read more blogs and peruse websites on Saturdays. By writing this post every week, I’m introduced to many blogs – personal finance and many others and it proves that the blogosphere is bigger than I can even imagine.

Take a look at my favourite posts of the week in this New Year edition.

  1. The Declutter Challenge at The Single Saver
  2. How to Save Money on Food Costs at Prairie EcoThrifter
  3. Help A Family Friday at Notes From the Frugal Trenches – A Downshifting Journey
  4. Debt Snowflaking – 25 Ways To Find Extra Money and Pay Down Debt at Money Crashers
  5. DIY Friday – One Piece of Plywood, Three Pieces of Furniture at Minting Nickels
  6. Menu Planning for January 1, 2012 at Mom’s Plans
  7. Spending Goal: $2000 on My Wardrobe in 2012 at Well Heeled Blog
  8. My Achilles Heel – The Latte Factor at Money Rabbit
  9. Success: What’s Holding You Back? at The Everyday Minimalist
  10. A Beginner’s Guide to Getting in Shape at Nerd Fitness

Happy reading!