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Five Benefits of Early Christmas Shopping

November is here already and many stores are decorated with Christmas lights and decorations! I am a firm believer in early Christmas shopping. But this is probably because I don’t have much to buy. If you’ve never thought about doing your shopping early, maybe this is the year to try it. All it takes is making a list of what you want to buy for whom and how much you’re willing to spend and you’re all set.

1. You can take advantage of sales – The last couple of times that I listened to the radio, I heard several ads for sales. Take advantage of these sales and save yourself some money.

2. You will not have to pay exorbitant prices for gifts – Some stores purposely jack up their prices to take advantage of the Christmas rush. If you shop early, you can avoid this and stick to your budget.

3. You can avoid the pick pockets and bag snatchers – Although these vermin exist throughout the year, it seems like at Christmas they bring families and friends to see what they can get through the bustling crowds of people.

4. You have a chance to enjoy the season – It’s not fun, wading through scores of people and standing in tens of long lines for one or two items. When you shop early, you can avoid all of this confusion.

5. You have a wider choice of items – I’ve waited until the last minute to buy gifts and what I found was that the good stuff always goes first. The ratty looking, dirty items will always get left behind. When you buy early you can leisurely browse the shelves without worrying that someone will come and snatch the item from right in front of your nose.

In a few weeks we’ll be putting up our Christmas trees and Christmas music will be on the radio. If you have not done any Christmas gift shopping as yet, you might be right into the mass of confusion!