Frugal Fitness: Walking (Part 2)

Frugal Fitness - Walking (Part 2) - Foodica

In Part 1 of Frugal Fitness: Walking, I talked about the benefits of brisk walking and listed some important tips to note. Walking is one of those exercises that does not require much, but can give you a lot of benefits.

A few years ago, I would go on power walks on mornings. I called them power walks because I would leave home at six in the morning and had to be back in time to get ready for work. So I had less than thirty minutes to walk and really get a good sweat in. It was tiring, but it made me feel good.

The Mayo Clinic’s article went on to give additional tips on walking:

  1. Set realistic goals – Don’t say that you want to walk two hours everyday, when you know that you can only do it for thirty minutes. If you find that the original goals that you set are a bit difficult to achieve, start over. There is no right way or wrong way to do it. Just be honest with yourself because you know what you’re capable of.
  2. Track your progress – Keep notes of your track record (no pun intended). Note the distances walked and how long it took you to walk those distances. This can come in handy when you’re ready to increase your walking pace and distance.
  3. Stay motivated – The Mayo Clinic suggested that you can make walking fun by inviting friends and family to walk with you as well as varying your routine.  Varying your routine might be as simple as walking a different route or taking a longer walk. You can also give yourself something to work towards to. For example, you might have a favourite pants that is a tad snug that you would love to wear again.

Whenever you go walking, remember to stay safe. If you walk alone, make sure to let a neighbour or family member know your route. Stay away from overgrown or bushy areas and always be vigilant. I would not advise walking with ear plugs in your ears blasting music. All of your senses should be on alert at all times.

Are you a fan of walking? Check out part one in the Frugal Fitness series.

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