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Growing Your Own Food

Isn’t growing your own food fun?

How many of you remember going all crazy with excitement playing Farmville. If you did not play the game, you have to at least remember the craze that claimed the entire world. People of all ages were frantically planting crops and rearing animals and having fun doing it!

I remember planting crops and then whilst at work remembering that they had to be reaped or not they would wither. And since there was no Facebook access at work, I would have to wait until I got home. And when I finally checked my farm, I was faced with a field of brown, withered crops. How disappointing.

Back then when Farmville was the “it” game, I posed a question. I asked how many people actually planted vegetables and fruits at their real homes. And up to now I have not received an affirmative answer from anyone. So why were people so excited to have a virtual farm, but cringed at the thought of a real one?

How could growing your own food online be better than the real thing?

Some people argued that real farming is more time consuming (even though those same people who spent at least two hours a day on Farmville). My response to this is that you can take those two hours and spend some time tending to real crops in a real garden. When they are ready to harvest, you would have something to eat.

Growing your own food in real life is great. And the good thing about it, is that you do not need a big piece of land to plant stuff. Many people have traditionally small gardens and they are able to reap enough food for themselves and their families.

Here in the Caribbean, we have ability to plant all kinds of fruits and vegetables and have them flourish and thrive. Growing your own vegetable sure beats going into the supermarket and paying exorbitant prices for imported goods that you can grow on your own. I went into a supermarket yesterday and they were selling THREE sweet peppers for $15.00!!!

If that isn’t enough inspiration to get you growing, I don’t know what is. If you have no idea of how to get started with planting your own food, stay tuned to Odd Cents!