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How Can I Treat Myself on a Budget?

This is something that people have asked me from time to time. Sometimes we do need to treat ourselves when we’ve accomplished something or just need a pick me up. But if I have little or no money, how can I treat myself on a budget?

How I Treat Myself on a Budget

There are several inexpensive things that I do to treat myself on a budget. I find peace in the simplest things, so my biggest challenge is finding the time for them. When I need a break, or if I am feeling stressed or if I want to celebrate an achievement, I treat myself by:

  1. Taking some time off to do nothing
  2. Spending time on a hobby
  3. Sleeping in late
  4. Creating an at-home spa

Taking Some Time Off To Do Nothing

It could be an hour, a day, a week or even a month. Taking time to do absolutely nothing when you are as busy as a bee, is a great way to treat yourself. As soon as my project is submitted, I’m going to treat myself by taking one evening off from studying and blogging and just watch some TV or enjoy some quiet time.
Cost: $0

Spending Time On A Hobby

I love to make stuff and I have tried my hand at a little bit of everything. When I feel like relaxing from studying or work, I make jewellery. I don’t get to do it often, but it’s a past time that I thoroughly enjoy. My next major project is to make a papier mache wall piece for either my bedroom or bathroom.
Cost: Varies depending on the hobby

Sleeping in Late

This is one of my favourite ways to treat myself. This is a must on Saturdays and Sundays especially if I had a long, gruelling week at work. I think that this is the perfect treat and I don’t have to look any further than my bed. Some weekends I don’t crawl out of bed until after eight!
Cost: $0

Creating An At Home Spa

It’s amazing what a few candles and light music can do. That same spa like feeling can be enjoyed in your own home. You can use everyday ingredients to make your spa even more special. I’ve done a facial scrub using baking soda and an epsom salts foot soak.
Cost: Can be extremely cost efficient if you use ingredients that you have at home

Of course there are times when you may need to treat yourself in a big way. My advice is to plan for it and iinclude it in your budget, so that you are sure that you can finance it.