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9 Incredibly Helpful Articles on How to Compare Bank Accounts

Are you interested in finding out how to compare bank accounts? You are in luck because I was looking through some popular personal finance articles and came across one article in particular that caught my attention. This article reminded me of the steps that I took to compare savings accounts when I was looking to open a new bank account.

As I was putting together this post, it was very difficult to find recent independent articles that discussed how to compare bank accounts and the specific factors that should be looked at. Instead, there were several links to big and small financial institutions explaining how to compare their specific accounts. I tried to avoid them as much as possible, because the value to you is really in those specific characteristics that you can apply to any financial institution.

Here are those nine links that explain how to compare bank accounts:

1. Choosing a Savings Account

This article by the Ontario Securities Commission starts from the basics and builds its way up. You will learn about the different types of savings accounts and critical factors that you can use compare bank accounts.

2. 5 Tips for Finding the Best Checking Account

If you are interested in opening a chequing account, this Wallet Hub blog compares costs of chequing accounts. It also lists a few tips that you should consider before you open a new chequing account.

3. Comparing and Switching Bank Accounts

There is nothing wrong with switching or closing a bank account that’s just not working for you. The Consumer Council, a Northern Ireland based non-departmental public body provides healthy tips on how to switch current accounts.

4. Underbanked? How to Find the Best Bank Account for You

The latest FDIC suvey revealed that 15.6 million adults in the USA have no access to a chequing or a savings account. People are wary of the banks and the survey results prove it. One alternative? Online banking!

5. What is a Savings Account?

Congrats on your decision to open a new bank account! Learn about some of the reasons why you should open a savings account, what is compound interest, the different types of savings accounts and how to choose the right account.

6. 4 Tips to Get the Best Bank Account

If you are trying to find the best bank account that suits your needs these four tips will help. Readers Digest explains that you should focus on your needs, research the bank fees, shop around and review each bank and comparison shop online.

7. 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch Bank Accounts

When you compare bank accounts and you realise that your current bank account does not give you the best benefit, you can consider switching. You are not alone. In the UK, over one million people switched accounts!

8. 8 Questions to ask Before Opening a New Bank Account

Questions, questions and more questions. Before you say yes to that new account, find out what you are getting into first. Ask about the banking fees, interest rates, overdraft limits and costs to pay bills online before you sign.

9. Thinking Of Making A Banking Change? Here’s How To Compare Competing Bank Accounts

This post keeps it really simple. When comparing bank accounts, check to see if the bank is FDIC insured, ask about bank fees, review the bank’s customer service profile and check out the interest rates.

Comparing bank accounts can be a lengthy process, but it will benefit you in the end. If you conduct your research thoroughly, you may be able to avoid high bank fees, benefit from higher interest rates and grow your money faster.

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