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How To Volunteer In Your Area

Do you want to know how to volunteer in your area? I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never volunteered. I’ve donated funds and clothing to the needy and I will do it again in the next few weeks. But I’ve never given freely of my time to an organisation or group that needs volunteers in order to carry out its mission. And that ‘s what’s volunteering is – you give your time to an organisation or institution in need.

Volunteering has several benefits. The organisation that is successful in getting people to volunteer, can use the free labour to further its mission and goals. Labour can be a very pricey resource, so attracting skilled volunteers can definitely keep budgets down. It will also allow the organisation to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.

People who volunteer can also enjoy benefits. There is the joy of knowing that you are making a difference and making a valuable contribution. You can also learn new skills, meet new people and sometimes even develop talents that you did not know that you had. Volunteering also opens the door to new opportunities. It can help you decide if you’d like to pursue a particular career.

How to Volunteer in Your Area

From time to time, there are massive calls for volunteers. This is especially true when there are major disasters. Agencies such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army function on the kindness of volunteers and donors. However, there are many places that you can volunteer on a regular basis:

  • Hospitals
  • Health agencies (e.g. Caribbean HIV AIDS Alliance, Hope Foundation)
  • Churches (e.g. some churches have their own programmes including tuition and extra-curricular classes and depend on volunteers to help run these programmes)
  • Schools (e.g. Public, private and nursery schools)
  • International organisations (e.g. UNICEF, IADB)
  • Community Groups and Organisations (e.g. Constituency councils,
  • Local events (e.g. some event organisers need volunteers to work at booths and stalls)

According to World Volunteer Web, you should ask yourself if there is something specific that you want to do. Formulating answers to the following questions can help you to make up your mind:

Do I want :

  • to make it better around where I live
  • to meet people who are different from me
  • to try something new
  • to do something with my spare time
  • to see a different way of life and new places
  • to have a go at the type of work I might want to do as a full-time job
  • to do more with my interests and hobbies
  • to do something I’m good at

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