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How to Work As A Team

Depending on the type of job that you do, you will need the assistance of other people. Team work is one of those concepts that I find people always say that they are practicing, when they’re not. A colleague shared some tips on how to work as a team. The tips were taken from The Tradeshow Coach.

  1. Know what you want the team to accomplish
  2.  Understand what success means to the team
  3. Decide what kind of teamwork will be necessary to do the job well.
  4. Recognize each team member’s strength.
  5. Identify how the individual team members will support each other.
  6. Assess what could go wrong with the project.
  7. Determine how you are going to get things back on track when something goes wrong.
  8. Discuss preventing tactics.
  9. Develop a plan to help prevent problems from occurring.
  10. Think about who will do what specific activity.
  11. Discuss how decisions will be made.
  12. Consider different ways to handle the project.
  13. Find out which ideas excite the team most.
  14. Decide how much time is available to do the individual activities.
  15. Plan a contingency for last minute assignments.
  16. Determine benchmarks for the project.
  17. Establish a time-frame for each of the benchmarks.
  18. Ensure all team members have enough information to participate.
  19. Understand what team members already know.
  20. Plan how to convey essential skills team members may need.
  21. Create a plan to capture new ideas that can easily be implemented.
  22. Be critical about activities that you are presently doing.
  23. Question whether these activities are still relevant based on your objectives.
  24. Find ways to make this project fun and exciting
  25. Determine how you will measure your success.

Whether you’re studying or working (or both) these tips can come in pretty handy. The success of the team requires the input of more than one person. As the saying goes, “There is no “I” in teamwork.” And if you find that you’re the only one doing the work, then you’re not in a team.