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What You Should Know About Managing a Business

Managing a business is not easy, especially if you do not have the specific skills and knowledge which will enable you to keep your business running. Business administration is a large topic which encompasses many of the critical areas that you will need to manage for success. As a result, you will be responsible for Operations Management, Business Laws and Regulations, Accounting, Human Resources Management and Marketing.

Operations Management

One of the important tasks that a business owner must undertake when managing a business is operations management.

Operations Management Resources

As a business owner, you should manage the day to day operations of your business. Not sure what you should be doing? Take a look at the following links for best practices.

Business Laws and Regulations

Managing a business also requires knowledge about business laws and regulations in the jurisdiction that your business is operating in.

Business Laws and Regulations Resources

It is your responsibility to ensure that your business is complaint with all rules and regulations. Hence, the business will not be subject to any penalties or sanctions which could result in financial losses, lawsuits or the closure of the business.


By having the right accounting practices, you can get a true picture of how your business is performing.

Accounting Resources

Keep your accounting records up to date is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Here are a few resources which explain why you should pay close attention to the accounting function.

Human Resources Management

Employees are perhaps the most critical aspect of business because they are the wheels that make the business move. As a business owner, your duty is to ensure that your employees are treated fairly and accorded at least the minimum treatment required by the law.

Human Resources Management Resources

It does not matter if you have one employee or fifty because you have to manage your human resources. The following links explain the intricacies of human resources management in small business.


As a small business owner you have to ensure that your marketing efforts are effective. Marketing promotes your small business

Marketing Resources

Don’t have a marketing strategy for your business. Not sure where to start? The following links will show you how to be smart with your marketing so that you can attract more customers.

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