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Money, Power, Respect

How many of you know the following lyrics?

“It’s the key to life; Money, power, respect; Whatchu need in life; Money, power, respect; When you eatin’ right
Money, power, respect; Help you sleep at night; Money, power respec; You’ll see the light; It’s the key to life.”

They are part of a chorus of a Lox/ Lil Kim song called Money, Power, Respect. I’ve always heard that money isn’t everything, but how ironic it is that in order to acquire stuff you need money. Without money, life can be a bit difficult especially if there are no kind strangers willing to help you out. Those with perceived wealth, are given special treatment. In many cases, they are the ones that benefit from free items when they can definitely afford to pay. This definitely brings truth to Chris Tucker’s famous quote that “Money talks and BS walks.”

Power can be seen in the business world, where people try to get ahead and move up the proverbial ladder. Reaching that top ladder is a goal that many seek to attain. For some it is a symbol of “having arrived.” My issue with power comes when people misuse it at the detriment of others. Many of the financial scandals are testimony to this and it’s a scene that’s played over and over as new scandals come to light.

Power can also be looked at from the personal standpoint. If you believe that you are in control of your life and you’re calling the shots, then you have the power that others envy. You don’t need money to be powerful. And you definitely don’t need anyone to hand you power.

Respect in one sense is when you admire someone and hold them in high esteem. This is all fine, but can become an issue if the person that you respect, uses your perception of them to their advantage. I can be honest and say that there were many people who had power due to a senior position, but they did not have my respect.

Another definition of respect is caring or showing some type of interest in a person’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas and wishes. Sadly, I’ve seen instances where if you’re perceived to have money, you automatically have more “respect” than the average person and by extension given the power to do what you like.

This post was just to throw some ideas out and to get some feedback in return. What are your views on money, power and respect? Do you believe that they go hand in hand or are they separate and distinct? Was Lil Kim right by saying that money, power respect is the key to life?

Lyrics Credit:

Performed by: The LOX featuring DMX & Lil’ Kim
Produced by: Ron “Amen-Ra” Lawrence & Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie
Album: Money, Power, & Respect