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How My Best Friend Planned a Budget Wedding

When my best friend told me that she was getting married, I was so excited. This step symbolised that she was serious about this dude and that she was willing to spend the rest of her life with him. My thoughts immediately went towards the steps to come after that – having a home, children, more children….

But the first step was to plan the wedding. To be honest, I was thinking along the lines of getting a wedding planner (not very frugal of me) and let him/her do the work. I felt that she should focus on finding the perfect dress and a fabulous hairstyle.

Boy, did she put the brakes on that. Not only did she plan the wedding herself, but she enlisted friends and family to help out wherever they could. She and her husband-to-be had a tight budget to work with and I’m so happy to say that they stuck to that budget and compromised where they could and were still able to pull off a beautiful budget wedding.

Planning a Budget Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, there are some core components that you have to consider. Where are you going to get married? How will it be decorated? What type of food will you have? What are you and your partner going to wear? What type of wedding favours will you have? Read on to see how my best friend planned her beautiful wedding on a budget.

The Location

The wedding was held a Saturday morning at a south coast hotel here in Barbados. There was a beautiful lawn on which the chairs were laid out facing the ocean, which was a beautiful back drop that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses.


One of my best friend’s close friends dabbled in interior decorating. She decorated the chairs and hung streamers in the palm trees. She also laid small beach stones on the lawn to create beautiful patterns.

The Food

There was a small cocktail reception which followed the ceremony. Instead of having sit-down brunch or lunch, finger foods and beverages were served. Not only did this save them a chunk of money, but it created an easy going atmosphere which allowed the newly married couple to mingle with all of the guests.

The Dress

The dress came from David’s Bridal. It was a form flattering dress with a beautiful blue sash that matched my dress (maid-of-honour). Even though it was simple, it was elegant and she looked great. This was a wonderful gift from her father!

The Wedding Party

The ladies’ dresses were all made by a local seamstress, which was very cost effective. She was able to buy the material and the bridesmaids and I covered the seamstress’ costs. My best friend found a style online and the seamstress was able to re-create it with ease. The guys’ outfits were handmade by a Barbadian designer and featured hand painted designs.

The Entertainment

My best friend’s husband has many friends who are in the music industry. He got together with some of his friends and created a CD of the music that he and my bf wanted to be played at the wedding. They borrowed my laptop and connected it to a bunch of speakers (all borrowed) and that was their music system.

The Photographer

They hired a photographer, but a friend of theirs offered his services for free. So there were lots of wonderful photos to share!

The Honeymoon

The hotel, as part of their wedding package, offered the couple a free night’s stay! They had put off a honeymoon until they were settled, but having a free night’s stay at a beautiful hotel was a beautiful touch.

The Favours

My bff’s dad ordered the favours and had them sent to Barbados via a relative which cut down on the shipping and handling charges. Not only was this cost effective, but she was able to get unique favours at a great price.

Planning a budget wedding calls for creativity and compromise. Whether you need to change the time or the type of food, you will be offering, it can be done. Have your list ready and make some phone calls to get an idea of what the prices are like. When you’ve gathered your information, it’s time to see what stays on your budget and what has to go.