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Five Credit Card Tips to Remember - Foodica

Five Credit Card Tips to Remember

All of the commercial banks here in Barbados have credit cards with various benefits. Some are linked to local rewards programmes, whilst others are linked to international rewards programmes. From time to time, special credit card offers appear in the local media and are designed to grab your attention. Before you sign on the dotted […]

Red Jet - The Caribbean's Low Cost Airline - Foodica

Red Jet – The Caribbean’s Low Cost Airline

Finally! We have a low cost, budget airline in the Caribbean. Red Jet is a Barbados based airline that offers low fares for travel between Caribbean islands. It was launched in 2011 with some hitches, which were not Red Jet’s fault. If you’re not from the Caribbean, you might not understand the gravity of this […]

What Is Customer Service Worth To You_ - Foodica
Consumer Affairs

What Is Customer Service Worth To You?

What is customer service worth to companies? From time to time we are faced with situations that make us think that companies do not understand how valuable it is to their business. The other day I heard a work colleague complaining about bad service at one of the utility companies here in Barbados. She went […]

I Save Two Dollar Bills - Foodica
Saving and Investing

I Save Two Dollar Bills

I save two dollar bills. Yes, I save every two dollar bill that passes my way. Whenever I make a purchase and I receive a two dollar bill as change, I tuck it away in a little corner of my purse. When I get home, I put it with my stash of two dollar bills. […]

I Want to Be Debt Free But... - Foodica
Debt Management

I Want to Be Debt Free But…

I want to be debt free. But sad to say, I can’t be unless I win the lottery. Many of my goals and dreams require that I have some form of debt or a boatload of funds. There are some people who would have worked for many years, saved every dime and bought major purchases […]

Could You Survive Without a Cell Phone - Foodica

Could You Survive Without a Cell Phone?

I think that I could definitely survive without a cell phone. To be honest, I rarely use my cell phone. Some days it does not even ring and I often forget that I have it with me. It has reached the point where I have forgotten my phone on my desk at work, and I […]