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Scenario: Your Friend Suggests a Shopping Spree in Miami

“Let’s go on a shopping spree to Miami!” Your best friend calls you up and you can see her excitement oozing through the telephone. You know that you want to go. You love shopping and you love Miami! So you say, “Sure, let’s do it!” The two of you go on and on about the stores that you’re going to hit first and the amount of clothes and shoes that you’re going to buy. The excitement is addictive!

But then you put down that telephone and the thought of paying for the trip smacks you in the face. Airfare! Hotel accommodation! Taxi and car rental money! Spending money! What did you just agree to? Your heart beats a thousand times faster when you realise that this could put a huge dent in your pocket.

How will you pay for it all? You’re financially strapped at the moment. You’re a single girl with land, car and student loans, plus you’re in a one bedroom apartment and you’re on a strict saving plan. You’re also paying off your credit card for a trip that you took over a year ago.

On one hand you could sure use that getaway. You’ve been working so hard lately and a change of scenery would be nice. Plus you want to buy a couple outfits for work. But on the other hand, you can’t handle any more debt. This trip could set you back at least five thousand dollars.

What would you do? Would you go on that shopping spree in Miami? Let me know on Facebook.